The difference between realistic sex doll and inflatable doll


Sex doll selection of all silicone made, the general size and the same proportion of life

In terms of authenticity and skin quality, it is a more realistic experience, including the wrinkles, the feel and the texture of the skin.

Now there is intelligent heating function, what is this concept? It feels like human skin. It has a temperature

It can be tailored to your needs. Skin, race, appearance, hairstyle, height, bust size, eye detail, nail color can be chosen

Fully intelligent technology A new type of computer that can move its mouth, eyes and neck can also use an intelligent voice system to communicate with humans on a daily basis.

The concept is the equivalent of a villa with a physical doll that tells visitors that this is your housekeeper and can talk to them when bored

Prices range from 3,000 to 10,000

Inflatable doll and entity doll belong to a kind of sex simulation doll partner, they are more than simple sexual masturbation equipment with human nature and flavor, fit the requirements of urban humanity. The physical doll is more fleshy than the inflatable doll. It can be controlled by yourself at will. You can treat her as your lover, and she has the same characteristics as the lover, sexy and attractive.

About the economic conditions and environmental conditions are better, can think about the purchase of physical dolls, because of its commodity technology, commodity data are far beyond the inflatable dolls in the use of feelings, promotion temperament

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