Realistic sex doll and dolphins


When it comes to dolphins, the general impression is that they are lively, cute, naughty, sea elves with their own smiling faces.

Everyone has been popularized by science. Dolphins have a mild temperament and an IQ similar to that of human children. They also have "self-recognition", can distinguish the surrounding environment, can live in peace with humans, and there have sex toys even been many news reports about dolphins saving people falling into the water. In many scientific experiments, they can understand human instructions and understand the body language of scientists on computer screens.

‘"Capitalized smart!" is the common impression who made the sex doll that dolphins give to people.

Dolphins will not only learn knowledge, but also teach various survival skills in the family and cooperate for food. If a loved one dies, real doll sex they will mourn together and make a sound of pity.

The dolphin looks cute on the surface, and its various actions are also very pleasing, but everyone should not be confused by the appearance in front of you. In fact, he is "Teddy in the sea".

Simply put, they like sex real doll sex. And they are regardless of age, race, gender... The entire sea is a hotbed for them to sow their offspring.

Dolphins often have three or four male dolphins surrounding a female dolphin forcing others to mate. Moreover, this kind of small organizations will also merge, and the organizations can also exchange wives. If the exchange fails, the small groups of male dolphins will go directly to war. The nirvana: impact!

According to many scientific studies, dolphins, gay sex doll like humans, are one of the few animals in nature that can masturbate.

Then you can see the dolphin bite off the head of the eel, inserting the tintin into the body of the eel... or biting a small fish to death, and then inserting the tintin from the mouth of the fish...

So how do dolphins have sex?

In fact, dolphins usually have sex from their belly to belly, and they are constantly swimming during the whole process, which can be considered difficult. What's more frightening is that almost from the beginning of entering, the male dolphin is in orgasm...

Dolphins are not only obsessed with the same kind of sex, but also have an "indescribable" impulse towards other non-dolphins...

For example, people. There are many diving silicone sex doll enthusiasts who have taken videos of dolphins insulting human girls and lads, asking for the psychological shadow of the girls and lads...

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