Cool Small Slender Waist 165cm Sex Doll Tracy

Cool Small Slender Waist Sex Doll Tracy
Cool Small Slender Waist Sex Doll Tracy
Cool Small Slender Waist Sex Doll Tracy
Cool Small Slender Waist Sex Doll Tracy
Cool Small Slender Waist Sex Doll Tracy
Cool Small Slender Waist Sex Doll Tracy
Cool Small Slender Waist Sex Doll Tracy
Cool Small Slender Waist Sex Doll Tracy



165cm/ 5ft 5



34kg/ 74.9lbs.

Full Bust


76cm/ 29.9''

Under Bust


66cm/ 26''



88cm/ 34.6''

Arm Length


67cm/ 26.4''



62cm/ 24.4''

Shoulder Width


36cm/ 14.2''

Calf Circum


N/ A

Thigh Circum


45.5cm/ 18''

Leg Length


87cm/ 34.3''

Foot Length


23cm/ 9''

Cool Small Slender Waist 165cm Sex Doll Tracy


  Tracy Game Cosplay Hottie Kenna

  Tracy always wanted to live a life of adventure. When she found a video game about a woman who raids tombs for their treasures, she fell in love with the heroine. Tracy dresses like the video game character when she attends conventions. Her long black hair is put into twin braids, and the black half-tee shirt shows off her toned midriff. The litter black shorts hug her hips, and Tracy’s twin holsters are ready for her to draw her guns at you. Tracy likes to pretend she’s in character when she takes you to the bedroom for a night of raiding her pussy.

  Tracy is always up to role play when she’s in costume. She lets her hands explore your body until she finds the hard penis-shaped idol in your pants. Your cock is the treasure she’s seeking, and she hopes you can use it on her. Tracy strips her shorts and shirt off, letting you see where she wants you to bury your treasure. Your idol is big and erect, ready for Tracy. She bends over and reaches back to spread her pussy lips open. Tracy wants to play sexual games as her favorite video game character, and you’ll gladly bury your treasured idol in her hole anytime she wants.

Shipping & Returns


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We offer free & discreet worldwide shipping. The price you see on our website is the final price you need to pay. We pay the customs fees.Please be assured that no hidden costs.Please note that due to legal prohibitions, our dolls cannot be delivered to all Islamic countries.


Depending on your address, your items will be shipped via FedEx, DHL or UPS.

Discreet Packaging

The doll will be packed in a plain carton box. Your doll will be labeled “mannequin”. There will be no information indicates that it’s a doll. 

Affected by Covid-19, there will be some delay on the delivery.

Doll Options and Functions

Have you ever wondered what's the difference between Fixed Vagina and Removable Vagina? What can Upgraded (EVO) Skeleton do? If you are new to sex dolls, you may feel confused about these options and preferences when it comes to customize your own special realistic sex doll. Here we will give you a detailed description of these options and preferences.

    • TPE breasts are more firm.TPE breasts are used to make A-cup and B-cup dolls.
    • Jelly breasts are usually used for C and D cups; if used for F or larger cups, the size and weight of the breasts will increase significantly and they may collapse.
    • For F cups and above, cotton breasts are the most appropriate.
    • Note: Please don't choose jelly breasts if you want to add a heat option to your doll since the breasts may burst when heating.
    • Upgraded (EVO) Skeleton allows your doll to do plenty of poses like a real woman. With double-jointed arms and legs, they can squat, stretch and kneel, 180 degrees open legs, M-shaped legs like never before. They can even shrug shoulders. All of these make your doll more realistic.
    • Click here to learn more about the doll options and functions.

    Doll Care and Maintenance

    • You are not supposed to put extreme force to move her joints for any positions.
    • Your love doll is not allowed to have a full swing from different angles.
    • Water-based lubricant is necessary during sex.
    • Clean the body regularly with mild antibacterial soap and warm water.
    • Use towel to dry your doll and avoid using hair dryers.
    • Use powder (regular powder is enough) to dry your realistic sex doll after bathing.
    • Don't leave her in the same position for a too long time, not even leaving her sitting or lying on a hard surface for long.
    • Click here to learn more about the doll options and functions.

    Cool Small Slender Waist 165cm Sex Doll Tracy


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