Traveling with a sex doll


For most baby-raising players, physical dolls are not only used to solve physical needs, they also treat the doll as an independent entity to take care of it carefully, even more meticulously than real people.

They will think: "The doll followed you without any pictures. Are you not being kind to her?" Indeed, the significance of the doll to them is beyond ordinary people's understanding.

Therefore, you will see many players buy a lot of beautiful clothes, shoes, bags for their dolls, and even people buy tens of thousands of Lolita skirts as their dolls’ birthday gifts.

Of course, players are no longer satisfied with just buying clothes for the dolls, they also want to do their favorite things with the dolls, such as watching movies, shopping, etc., although this is a very courageous thing.

With the progress of the times, people's views are also changing, and it is no longer time to talk about sex changes.

But taking a baby out is still a very curious thing for ordinary people. The light ones will be pointed and watched, and the heavy ones will be reported and complained to disturb public order.

But the real emotions break the world and don’t care about the eyes of others, so I want to give people who really need some tips on traveling and traveling with children~

1. Transportation

The most recommended is of course self-driving.

Although it is mentioned above that true love does not care about the eyes of others, it is actually very uncomfortable when you and the doll are exposed to the public.

Moreover, it is not very convenient to take a doll in transportation. Many times you need to move the doll up and down, which is very physically demanding.

And driving is much more convenient, with independent and private space, no need to worry about other people's colored glasses, and there is enough spacious and comfortable space to house our dolls.

If you are traveling, you can experience a unique car shock with a large back row space~

2. Doll size

The size of the doll is also a key factor.

In some cases of long-distance travel, the doll needs to be carried or mailed in a suitcase or duffel bag.

If you are bringing a big doll at this time, you may need to put her in a big wooden box.

Therefore, before traveling or traveling, you must consider the size of the doll and how to carry it in advance, otherwise it may cause some trouble.

3. Doll function

Some dolls have some bells and whistles, such as moaning effects.

Although these functions may be very extra points and lifelike when snapping, but you need to pay extra attention when traveling.

If the doll makes a sound in a crowded place, it is the scene of the death of a large company!

In order to have a pleasant travel experience with the doll, please be prepared in advance.

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