The world's most realistic sex doll has been developed by a British company


According to the Daily Star of June 20, British sex doll company SDG has unveiled a new sex doll called "Gynoid" which is so lifelike that it claims to be the most realistic doll in the world. Many customers say it does provide a real experience.

In the video shown by the company, if you look closely at Gynoid's arm and skin, you can see a looming capillary. Its skin texture is not much different from that of a real person, and it even gives you goosebumps.

For most men, Gynoid is irresistibly seduced by its artificial intelligence, which allows it to smile, blink, have a simple conversation and, if you touch it with your hand, sound like a human being. "I believe this is the most realistic sex doll on the market right now," said company co-founder Amit.

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