The most expensive realistic sex doll in history is worth 400,000 RMB


Scarce goods will lead to expensive price, the inflatable dolls all by skilled worker by hand every part of the body, the annual output is only 500-600, all its modelling is carried out in accordance with the 1:1 ratio of true person model to make, on the body have seconds to kill the rest of the product, after all, the model of the golden ratio is much less.

In addition to the sex doll body being copied at a 1:1 ratio to the model, the head is modeled using the latest 3D technology. It feels almost like a real person, and is equipped with a heating system to keep its temperature steady at about 37 degrees Celsius. It can also mimic the pronunciation of a real person.

In addition to traditional wigs, which are usually used as sex dolls, the dolls can also be implanted with human hair, the number and color of which can be defined according to the user's preference. In addition, the hair of the private part can also be chosen by yourself.

Meanwhile, the sex doll uses semi-solid bones. What does that mean? The finger joints of the doll are movable, which can simulate the bending and stretching of human fingers. When you watch and use the doll, you can feel more like a real human.

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