How to store sex dolls


In today's society, not everyone can accept the existence of dolls, and they think that people who use dolls are often freaks.

In daily life, in order to avoid some embarrassing situations, we can store the doll.

1. A safe place

If you live with your family, first think about the place in your home that your family does not often go to.

The second is to split the detachable body parts to minimize the size of the doll, which is convenient for storage.

2. Hang in the cupboard

Basically, the doll can be separated from the head and body, and then use a special hook to hang the doll's neck and hang the doll. This is also the way the factory stores the doll.

This can prevent the doll's body from being squashed, and keeping the doll one by one for a long time lying on a harder place may cause the buttocks and chest to become flat.

By the way, don’t forget to give the doll a dust bag.

3. Put it under the bed

Because the bedroom is a very private place, the bottom of the bed is a good place to hide things.

We can lock the doll into a box and place some soft stuffing.

Of course, in addition to these, we can also choose some light and easy to store dolls.

Smaller dolls require less storage space.

Even if you encounter an emergency and need to hide the doll temporarily, it can be easily operated.

It should be noted that the placement of the doll has a great influence on her usability.

Excessive dust can clog the components, prolonged exposure to moisture can cause skin damage, and can also cause the internal metal parts to rust.

Another point is the length of storage, because dolls also need maintenance, and long-term shelving may cause greater damage to the dolls.

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