Do boys mind if their partner uses sex toys?


Do boys mind, whether they really mind or falsely mind. This answer varies from person to person. Affected by various factors, there are always some people who are more maverick and have a different temperament.

But big data will not lie, it can tell us the truest thoughts of both sexes.

In recent years, as the concept of sex has become increasingly open, more and more people use sex toys such as airplane cups, lubricants, vibrating eggs, erotic underwear, vibrating toys, and physical dolls.

The survey also shows that at least 60% of participants have used sex toys, and 74% of users learn about and purchase sex toys through online stores to meet the needs of themselves and their partners.

Online buyers of sex toys are still dominated by men, and the age group is concentrated in the post-85s and post-90s. The consumption of married people far exceeds that of unmarried couples.

However, young couples do not lose their importance on the quality of their sexual life. They are more and more respecting the physical needs of themselves and each other. "Sending sex toys to each other" has become a sweet interaction between young couples.

Most men not only don't mind their girlfriends using sex toys, but they also take the initiative to give sex toys as gifts. With a very open and tolerant attitude, they face up to and respect the desires of themselves and their partners and obtain the pleasure of both lovers.

Despite the big data, there are many people who misunderstand sex toys in life, so what are these people thinking?

What caused them to think like this?

Why do you mind if your partner or yourself use sex toys?

lThe legacy of the patriarchal society

In the past patriarchal society, women’s sexual needs have always been in a state of extreme depression. This is because the status of men and women was very different at that time, and the existence of women was mainly to satisfy the various desires and needs of men.

In order to better control women's bodies and thoughts, they have been intimidated and coerced, and then constantly instilled in the notion that only by catering to the needs of men and cooperating with men can women obtain true sexual satisfaction.

Including the "virgin complex" of most boys, it may also be affected by the concept of "taking women as their own belongings and controlling women's bodies and behaviors is correct."

But in fact, as long as women jump out of the trap of thinking that "only piston sports are the real sex life", the door to a new world will open to them. Using sex toys to masturbate is their best attempt to explore their bodies.

l49.3% of women have a sense of shame about masturbation

A small survey on masturbation shows that men who have masturbated account for 94.5%; women who have masturbated account for 90.1%.

However, the results of the survey on masturbation attitudes showed that male respondents felt more positive about female masturbation. 49.3% of women felt that masturbation was not good, or felt that there was something bad, and the biggest reason was their feelings about female masturbation.

Shame, embarrassment, and embarrassment.

This part of the shame of masturbation may originate from the lack of sex education in the process of growing up. Once it involves "sex", it will be labeled as "unclean", "dirty" and "indecent". These negative reviews of bad experience will

Affect their choices.

l Think that your partner is dissatisfied with yourself when using sex toys

There are also some men or women who may feel that their partner's use of sex toys to masturbate is dissatisfied with their own sexual ability and sexual attractiveness, and even damages their self-esteem, leading them to extreme resistance to this behavior from appearing on themselves and their partners.

But this choice has a personal tendency, as long as both partners agree and enjoy this choice, others don't have to say anything.

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