Sex Doll Options and Functions

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A brief introduction of the custom realistic sex doll options can help you build your own unique sex doll.

When you are browsing our website and searching for a favorite sex doll,you may just want your doll to look like she does in the photos, head, skin tone, wig, eyes… everything. If you don’t know how to choose properly,then chat with us online or email us,we will help you decide on the sex doll options.

Common Options

Doll Body Type

If you don't like the sex doll in the picture, you have access to switch the doll body or head. When you choose another doll head or body, they should be the same brand to match with each other. Some people want their doll breasts bigger and legs longer, sorry, NO! The doll shape can't be changed.

Sex Doll Options and Functions

Skin Tone: White/Wheat/Light tan/Tan/Dark/Blue

Different dolls have different kinds of skin tones,like white, wheat, light tan, tan, dark or even blue.

Due to the filters, shooting angle, skin tone of different dolls in real life may look different.When it comes to select a skin tone,please tell us what options you want so we can send you the factory photo.

Vagina Type: Fixed Vagina & Removable Vagina

Fixed Vagina: The vagina cannot be removed because it is made together with the body in the mold and is integrated with the body. Based on our experience with both options: If you can easily bring your doll to the shower, take a fixed vagina.

Removable Vagina: You can remove the insert from the doll for cleaning. It looks the same as the fixed vagina outside.The removable vagina option looks the same as the fixed vagina outside, but the internal opening is slightly wider to accommodate a removable “sleeve” insert. The sleeve can be removed out and replaced with a new one. Also, it’s easier to clean.


  • Easy for cleaning
  • Try different flavor
Sex Doll Options and Functions


Heat-system: An electrical build-in body system that plugs in to warm your doll up to normal body temperature for that extra warm feeling.The internal heating system allows you to easily heat the dolls body from the inside out. This method, although the most is expensive, will give you the best results for consistent heat throughout the dolls body.

Wiring will be run through the doll's body and there will be a plug outlet somewhere on the doll's body. The doll will also come with a wire that will plug into the doll's body and the other end will run to the wall outlet. On the wire is a small control panel where you can set the temperature. Once set, the doll's torso, vagina, and anus will reach the temperature in about 30 minutes and will be ready for use.


  • Most realistic experience
  • Temperature can be set
  • Easy to use

Note: Heating requires supervision and should be turned off manually to avoid damage.

Skeleton: Standard Skeleton/Upgraded (EVO) Skeleton

Standard Skeleton: Standard skeleton doesn’t allow your doll to shrug its shoulders. It can only bend forwards and backwards. The elbows and knees can be bent slightly, about 90 degrees.

Upgraded (EVO) Skeleton: It allows your doll to shrug shoulders. It are becoming even more evolved with double-jointed arms and legs so that they can squat, stretch and kneel, 180 degrees open legs, M-shaped legs like never before.


  • Shrug shoulders
  • More realistic
  • Can assume different poses more freely
Sex Doll Options and Functions

Feet Option: Normal/Standing

Normal feet: Normal feet cannot stand because of the balance thing. Also, it may ruin her feet if you make her stand by force. So never try it.The majority of sex dolls are in 50-90 lb. range. Some sex dolls can weight near 100 lbs. This downward force would easily penetrate through the 0.5-1.0" of flesh on the bottom of the feet if the doll were to be stood up on its own, even once.

Stand-up Feet: The standing foot option enables the doll to stand independently. There are three small bolts connected directly to the internal skeleton that protrude from the base of the foot to increase stability.


  • The bolts can help transfer the weight and release the burden of the doll's feet;
  • Protect the TPE feet skin from being transpierced by the metal rods that are being used as skeleton;
  • Dolls can stand up easily and naturally.
Sex Doll Options and Functions

Breasts Option: TPE breast/Jelly breast/Cotton breast

We have three breast types: TPE breast (90% close to the real breast), Jelly breast (99% close to the real breast), Cotton breast (95% close to the real breast).

  • TPE breasts are more firm.TPE breasts are used to make A-cup and B-cup dolls.
  • Jelly breasts are usually used for C and D cups; if used for F or larger cups, the size and weight of the breasts will increase significantly and they may collapse.
  • For F cups and above, cotton breasts are the most appropriate.

Note: Please don’t choose jelly breasts if you want to add a heat option to your doll since the breasts may burst when heating.

Sex Doll Options and Functions

Voice System

The company developed intelligent sound in English, Chinese and Japanese . Among them, Japanese intelligent voice was developed by the company, and Japanese voice actors acted as the dubbing. Intelligent interaction, automatic sleep, intelligent charging, voice and button operation, volume adjustment, chest detection voice, lower body detection voice, vibration, percussion breathing and other functions. There are 16 kinds of questions and a maximum of 50 conversations.

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  • Maybe interest in ordering Angelica. Jade told me I could order wig, nail, body color and nipple size and color. I don’t see this on the order sheet


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