Misunderstands of realistic size sex doll and sex toy


In China, realistic sex dolls are taboo, and there are relevant laws to prohibit the spread and sale of pornography. Therefore, many people have a lot of misunderstanding about real sex dolls.

Some people even think that TPE sex dolls are only used by "sex workers". In fact, sex health experts say the occasional use of torso sex dolls can be fun and freshen up your sex life.

Adult Sex dolls bring a lot of fun and support to a partner's sex life. So a few partners all hope to use a few sexual interest appliance, add a few color to drab sexual love. But a lot of times, there's a big misconception about sex dolls.

1. TPE Sex dolls are used by people with inharmonious sex lives

Anyone can use sex dolls. Research shows that people who have sex use sex dolls more than those who don't. Couples who use sex dolls tend to have better sex and emotional intimacy. About 20-30% of people will use disposable dolls at least in their lifetime.

Realistic sex dolls are not a lifesaver or a panacea, but a complement to sex.

Adult Sex dolls are addictive

Addiction means some kind of harm. Sex dolls can't hurt you as long as they're used correctly.

While some people may become addicted to sex dolls, you don't need to be forced to quit, and anyone can easily go back to toy-free sex.

If a woman uses sex dolls, she doesn't need a man

Sex dolls are not substitutes for people. A sex toy won't make you breakfast, hug you or tell you how much he loves you.

Many men are afraid of women using sex dolls, because they think they are important to women, mainly their "big guy", so men will feel insecure.

Men only use sex dolls if they can't get real sex

When people think of men and sex dolls, they picture men who buy masturbation tools and then masturbate while watching AV in their basements.

But the truth about men and sex dolls is that millions of men use them, whether they're in a relationship or single.

Men become better lovers by understanding their sexual responses. Masturbation, whether using sex dolls or not, is a key way to learn how to control your body.

Using sex dolls does not mean a man is a "loser". He's actually smart and probably better in bed. Because he was interested in sex and more focused on technique.

Sex dolls make sex unnatural

We hear a lot of myths about sex. One of them is that sex means only physical contact.

If we use tools or dolls to make it more fun, it doesn't make sex unnatural. Sex dolls are not activated by batteries, but by our imagination.

Some sex dolls are good, some are bad

There are no good or bad sex dolls, except those that can be dangerous.

Sex dolls are all about how we use them. A vibrator may be too strong for one person, but it may be perfect for another. The trick is to find the right sex toy for you. Most sex dolls are loved by some and disliked by others.

7. The more expensive the sex toy, the better

A vibrator that costs tens of dollars may give you more pleasure than a vibrator that costs hundreds.

Expensive sex dolls may be more durable or use better materials, but not necessarily more fun.

Sex dolls, like many other products, can work just as well on a budget, and often we just need to find the right one for us.

Sex dolls may cause physical harm

There is no evidence that sex dolls can damage your genitals.

Of course, there are some dangers if not used correctly, but only with a real understanding of sex dolls. So you can use sex products better. In this way, it eliminates the worry of using it.

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