K League kicks off under epidemic,use "realistic sex doll" to cheer?


South Korea's professional soccer league, known as the K-League, kicked off earlier this month with all matches played behind closed doors without live spectators because of the COVID-19 outbreak. FC Seoul s home game against FC Gwangju on Tuesday night was controversial after it placed several realistic sex doll or silicone sexual doll in the stands to create a lively atmosphere.

According to Yonhap News Agency, many online viewers of the contest questioned that the mannequins "look like sex dolls for adults,silicone sex doll" and some viewers were quite sure that "the mannequins' hand signs are written with the names of sex toy shops and their spokesmen." After the match, the debate continued, with some angry fans even calling for the Korean Professional Football Association (KFA) to severely blame FC Seoul for the display of sex dolls.

FC Seoul apologised and reiterated that "mannequins are not realistic sex dolls". "DALKOM, which made the mannequin, is a supplier to fashion companies," FC Seoul explained. The reason why there was an indecent display of signs on the field is because DALKOM had supplied realistic sex toy shops and mistakenly provided the returned products directly to us, and we did not confirm that these mannequins were placed in the spectators of the stadium, leading to the disturbance."

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