The maintenance measure of realistic sex doll(2)


Hair transplant version of realistic sex doll hair is generally made of high temperature silk material wig, and real hair is a little different, not so smooth, easy to get static electricity, so shampoo and comb need skills.

1. Comb the hair

If you're too lazy to wash your sex doll's hair, you can spray it with wig softener to make it easy to comb without getting tangled. Start slowly from the bottom. Holding the hair a section of combing, do not comb from the top of the head to the end of the hair at a time, so too violent can bring about sex doll hair fall off, ordinary girls also give their hair so.

2. Wash the hair

Realistic sex dolls spend most of their time in the bedroom, so they wash their hair once every two months on average. It is the same as washing their own hair, but do not rub it in circles, just rub it slightly. If you want to make your wig easier to manage, use conditioner, treat the hair in small sections, then rinse and let dry naturally.

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