The maintenance measure of realistic sex doll(1)


1.Clean the realistic sex doll vagina

The average weight of realistic sex dolls is 20-30kg, so cleaning the channels is a physical task.

I've discovered a cleaning technique that can easily clean the realistic sex doll aisle.

First of all, sit the doll on the toilet, prepare half a basin of water, pour a few milliliters of cleaning fluid

Then fill the flusher with water and insert into the channel to clean

Sex doll added cleaning liquid after cleaning can prevent bacteria breeding, no odor, no moldy, more health and hygiene.

2. Keep the sex doll's vagina dry

Sex doll vagina is very difficult to dry after cleaning moisture, insert silica rod water is the most convenient and effective!

You stick it in like this, you take it out for 20 minutes, or you don't take it out at all, and it stays dry in the channel.

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