Robber broke into the realistic sex doll shop with a knife and the girl tried to beat him off

Realistic sex doll shop robbed? A man who broke into a realistic sex doll shop in Russia with a knife and threatened to hand over money has sparked controversy after the girl grabbed the 45-centimeter-long "two-headed brother-in-law" and ran away.
According to the Daily Mail, the robbery at the silicone sexual doll shop in Novokuznetsk, Kemerovo Oblast, took place on The night of December 24, when only a female clerk was inside, and the assailant brandishing a knife and threatening to kill her. The girl was a little scared at first, but then she calmly bent down behind the counter as if to give the robber money.
Didn't expect this female clerk behind him, his hand is not money, but up to 18 inches, about 45 centimeters of silicone sex doll, doll for woman,full body silicone sexsual doll,directly toward the gangster head fierce mallet, robbers the scare was even fled out of the restaurant, but the salesgirl can not so easily let go the robbers, and rushed out of the restaurant to continue along with a realistic sex doll pursued, wait until after the robbers escaped without a trace, She had just returned to the store to clean up the mess.

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