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Do you want a love doll out of the ordinary? Do you want have your own love doll? MSEX offers superior, perfect and rich customized services. Wigs, eyes, breasts, vagina, skin color, legs and fingernails, self-support, face and more can be customized. Create a love doll only belong to you !Create your girlfriend with your imagination!

Haute couture doll

Exclusive girlfriend(Face)

MSEX has its own factory and can offer premium, exclusive customization. After unremitting efforts to develop, now has provided an exclusive face customization service. MSEX can create the ideal girlfriend as long as you tells us what kind of the face you want! Whether it's an anime character, or a human being in the real world; Whether it be a man's face, or a woman's; Whether it is a well-known star, or the girl beside your home; We can copy anyone’s face only if you want ! The more detailed the photo, the more realistic the production.


We can copy all the kind of the face you like.For example, we can copy the characters in animation or the people in the real world, the character can be yong or old.


TPE and silicon

TPE is cheap and the similarity can reach 70% to 80%.(You can use the mouth)

The price of silicon is high, and the similarity can be more than 90%.(You can not use the mouth)

Production time:

Depending on the material chosen, the production time will vary. Silicon takes longer to produce than TPE. Typically, the production cycle of TPE is 1-1.5 months. The silicon production time is one and a half to two months.


The deposit:New molds need to be made, and the production process is not reversible, so there is a fixed cost. Therefore, the need to pay a deposit according to the situation. There will be no refund of deposit for cancellation.

The balance:After the face is completed and the customer confirms, the goods will be delivered immediately after the balance is paid.

Customer Facial Information:

Please tell me the picture of the face you want. Video is even better. If you provide detailed photos and videos, you can make them realistic.(Facial angles in the photo: front, left and right side, top view, elevation view, lower left stereogram, upper left stereogram, lower right stereogram, upper right stereogram)

Please tell us the body height and head size that I want to match. If you don't know the body height and head size you want to match, you won't know what size the finished product will be.

If you need help,please contact us by .

Exclusive girlfriend(The s-class makeup look)

MSEX has top-notch makeup artists who can create the best S-grade look. It's not like traditional makeup. Traditional makeup is usually spray makeup, which can only be created by the machine in a simple way. S-level makeup looks are operated by first-class makeup artists, which can outline a variety of more perfect and exquisite makeup looks.

Our company's love doll art photos (part) have very exquisite makeup and handmade exclusive highlights. This is an S-level look. Eyebrows, eyes, lip color and blusher, all the makeup looks are handmade by first-class makeup artists. Of course, you can also customize the S-level makeup look to create a personal look!

Makeup look:

Whether it is simple makeup or complex makeup, whether it is heavy makeup or light makeup, whether it is women makeup or girls makeup, our company can do all of it! (Accessories are not included.)


High-end cosmetics (even for humans)

The time of make up :

S-grade makeup takes a long time and there are a lot of customers who order S-grade makeup, so you need to make an appointment in advance. We make them one by one in the order we order them. If you want to know the specific time, please consult in advance.

Makeup information provided by the customer:

Please tell me the make-up photos you want. If you have any other requirements, please tell our company. (The real and Love Doll photo had a little difference, so the makeup moved to Love Door face may have a difference, please forgive .)

If you need help,please contact us by .

Exclusive eyeballs ( by handmade):

MSEX offers Servis for creating your own eyeballs. The pattern and color of the pupil can be chosen freely. (The whites of the eyes are white cannot be replaced.)

If you like, please tell me the photo of the eye. (Because it is made by hand, it is not guaranteed to be 100% the same, but can guarantee more than 90% accuracy.)

If you need help,please contact us by .

Basic custom

In addition to the above advanced exclusive customization, MSEX also provides a variety of basic customization services. There are both free and paid options, with a total of 18 options. Custom options are free to choose ~ free of charge, you can create a love doll and other people's love doll is not the same!

Free options: Height and bust shape, wig, eye color, skin tone, areola color, areola size (diameter), back of hand and instep color, pubic hair, vagina type, pubic color

Paid options: self-supporting function, chest type, bone, vascular channels, intelligent voice function, heating function, detachable limbs, weight loss.

Know more about MSEX's basic customization options!

Free options

Because the head size of the love doll is different, the corresponding height of the body is different. The same height can fit a variety of breast sizes. For example, if you are 158cm tall, there are 158cm large breasts, 158cm normal breasts and 158cm small breasts.

You can choose your favorite height and breast shape from the height list prepared by our shop. (If it is the same as the photo, no selection is required.)

Frequently asked questions: Can the body size of love dolls (such as pickpocket size, bust, etc.) be freely renewed?

Answer: Because Love Door's molds are fixed, you are not free to renew body sizes. Because of this, the store has a wide range of body types and breast sizes to meet the needs of customers.


We offer wigs in all lengths and colors. Choose the wig you like.

If you don't have the hair you want, please provide a photo of the hair you want. Of course, you'll have to pay the extra. Depending on the type of hair, the amount charged varies. There have also been cases where the hair in the photo could not be found. Please forgive. (If it is the same as the photo, no selection is required.)

FAQ: Can you add more than one love doll wig?

A: It's free to select a single wig from the product page, but it's charge to add multiple wigs. You can choose different wigs.

If you need help,please contact us by .

Eye color:

Deep black, natural brown, emerald green, sea blue, our shop has these four highlights. Change the feeling of a love doll in an instant by changing the color of your eyes, from the real to the fantastic, from the east to the west.

FAQ: Can I choose between two different colors of eyes?

A: Sure. For example, the right eye is green, the left eye is black, OK. You cannot select these options on the product page.

If you want these custom eyes,please contact us by .

Skin color:

A natural skin tone, a tan that is both healthy and attractive in the sun, is the norm in this shop. There are also white skin tones, black skin tones like blacks, and blue skin tones like Avatar. Other than the universal skin tone can correspond to part of the love doll. (Note: Similar skin tones may not differ much, such as natural vs white, wheat vs dark wheat) (No need to select the same skin tone as the photo)

Frequently asked questions: Why do you buy a different love doll with the same skin color than you did the first time?

Answer:The materials used to make Love Doll are prepared in a certain proportion, and when existing materials are used up, they need to be reformulated. With the same skin color, there will be differences between the Love Doll made with the first material and the Love Doll made with the second material.

Color of areola:

The basic colors are pink, orange, red and dark brown. Depending on the love doll, the color of the nipple may vary. Please refer to the color recorded in the custom section of the product page.

FAQ: Can I customize colors other than those described in the Customization section of the product page?

A: Depending on the love doll, it may or may not be customizable.

If you need help,please contact us by

(Please attach the areola photo you want.)

Size of areola (diameter) :

Want to change the size of the areola? Our shop can customize the size of areola! There are three centimeters, four centimeters, five centimeters, six centimeters on the product page. Super abnormal condition, super erotic big areola can also be made!

FAQ: Can the areola bulge up? Can you make the nipples longer?

A: I'm sorry, but for technical reasons, we can't.

Back of hand and instep color:

Choose unique nails to make your love doll more perfect and fashionable! Our shop has a variety of fingernails.

FAQ: Can I choose different colors for fingernails and toenails?

A: Sure!

If you need help,please contact us by .

Pubic hair:

Most women have pubic hair. Love dolls with pubic hair are also more realistic. So, our shop offers the pubic hair!(If not selected, the default is "no pubic hair.")

FAQ: Can pubic hair styling be customized?

A: I'm sorry, but for technical reasons, we can't.

Vagina Type:

Integrated vagina:Vagina and love doll are completely one piece, making you to enjoy our doll just like a real person! But when it comes to cleaning, it can be troublesome.

Split vagina:Removable vagina are removable, so after using Love Doll, just take the vagina out and clean them carefully. The hygiene is very good. But getting out of the Vagina can be difficult for people unfamiliar with the love doll and for novices.

(If this option is not selected, the default is Integrated vagina.)

FAQ: How many removable vaginas are in a package?

A: There are two. One of them has been lowered into the vagina. The other one is in the box.

Vaginal color:

Like the areola color, love dolls can also have a choice of genital color. Use the color recorded in the custom section of the product page as a reference. (If it is the same as the photo, no selection is required.)


Want your love doll to stand up? Want to have sex standing up? The self-care function of our love doll makes customers satisfied! Love dolls with standing features are convenient for photography and sex.

The love doll has three nails on the soles of its feet to support it. These three nails are detachable. Do not bathe because of the possibility of mixing water through the metal edges of the feet. You also need to be careful when you take a shower. (By default, sex dolls stand.)

FAQ: Can a love doll stand without standing function?

A: Love dolls without standing function can stand, but there is no metal support for standing, so there is a possibility of broken feet. For non-standing dolls due to forced standing damage, our shop can not deal with.

Charging options

Breast type:

Normal chest:A standard chest, nothing special. Use the same TPE material as the body. Flexibility is modest.

Jelly breast:Jelly chest is a technology invented by our company. We started selling on Amazon. The technology was popularized only later. Therefore, the company has the best jelly breast technology. Test the softness of the jelly material to create the most suitable material. Both durability and softness are far better than other companies' jelly breasts! Flexibility is best!

Cotton breast: Softness is softer than jelly, but durability is reduced. Also, only some love dolls can use cotton breast.

Empty chest: Empty chest is the most primitive chest softening technique. Because the chest is hollow, it is particularly fragile. It is often damaged in transit. In the process of use, it will hurt the chest and leak air due to overexertion. So, I don't recommend it. The damage caused by an empty heart is more than our shop can handle.

(By default, we usually use jelly breasts.)

FAQ: How soft is jelly chest and cotton chest? Are there any photos for comparison?

A: jelly and cotton breasts are definitely softer than normal breasts, but it's hard to tell the difference from the photos. And the feeling is subjective, so some customers feel very soft, some customers feel not as soft as imagined.


Common skeleton: Made of composite metal material, excellent durability, with almost the same range of motion as a human.

New skeleton: the shop structure technicians through the human body structure and computer simulation technology, the use of high-quality stainless steel, developed a lightweight doll skeleton, the greatest degree of humanization mechanism. It has a wider range of motion than the average bone. Therefore, the neck, shoulders, elbows, wrists, fingers, thighs, knees and ankles can be moved freely, and all positions can be achieved.

Universal skeleton:3 generations of all-around bones based on new bones! Not only does it have all the functions of the new bone, but it also flexes the knee structure 180 degrees, giving it a wide range of motion!

(By default, it is the normal common skeleton.)

Vascular meridians:

Fully anthropomorphic Vascular Meridian Makeup! If your love doll wants to be close to the real thing and have skin that looks like the real thing, opt for Vascular Channel Makeup! Our company's top-notch makeup artists use special pigments to paint blood vessels on dolls' bodies.They can draw blue and purple blood vessels. (Note: Only some love dolls can be matched. TPE and silicone blood vessel meridian makeup prices are not the same.)

Intelligent voice function:

The company developed intelligent sound in English, Chinese and Japanese . Among them, Japanese intelligent voice was developed by the company, and Japanese voice actors acted as the dubbing. Intelligent interaction, automatic sleep, intelligent charging, voice and button operation, volume adjustment, chest detection voice, lower body detection voice, vibration, percussion breathing and other functions. There are 16 kinds of questions and a maximum of 50 conversations. The interactive intelligent voice function makes your love doll not only a love doll, but a living lover!

FAQ: What if the power goes out? Can I charge it directly from the Japanese power source?

A :USB data cable and charger are not included, and customers need to buy them separately. It can be recharged from the Japanese mains.

Heating function:

Real humans have a body temperature, so how do you make a love doll have the same temperature? According to the heating function of the store, you can have a love doll with body temperature! (Note: As all heating function technologies on the market are immature, Love Doll using the heating function often breaks down and is more troublesome to use. There are many places need to be paid attention , so it is not recommended to buy this function. The damage caused by the heating function will not be able to be dealt with by our store.)

FAQ: How long does it need to be heated?

A: The heating time is different according to the season, indoor environment and the height and shape of the love doll, so it cannot be generalized. Generally, it takes 20-30 minutes for small love dolls of less than 140cm and 30-40 minutes for large love dolls of more than 140cm. Tall, obese love dolls may take longer. This type of love doll is not recommended to buy a heating function. Long time heating will melt the material and cause damage to Love Doll.

Removable limb:

You don't want your family to know you bought a love doll and say it's too big to hide. If the home space is too small, there is no room to enlarge the love doll, the suggestion is to choose detachable limbs. The arms and legs of the love doll are detachable. Love dolls can be placed in half the original space! Don't worry about hidden love dolls! (Note: only some love dolls can be matched.)

Weight loss:

Love dolls too heavy? Difficult to carry? Want to pose like you like, but the love doll is too heavy, no? And the service of our store to reduce weight is to solve these problems for us! Up to 10 kg weight loss! Tap your love doll to make it light. Carrying becomes easy and you can take the posture you like! (Note: only some love dolls can be matched.)

Start customize your doll !

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