What’s it like, taking a shower with sex doll?


I know that in addition to having a relationship with the doll, you will also do many things with the doll, such as watching movies, going to the supermarket, and driving.

I wonder if you have ever taken a mandarin duck bath with the doll?

As we all know, it’s fun to take a bath with a couple, but is it possible to take a bath with a sex doll?

After thinking about it, it is actually feasible, but pay attention to the following risks!

Pay attention to water temperature

The temperature of the bath water depends on the material of your doll.

Silicone dolls are resistant to high temperatures and are usually sterilized by boiling, so you don't need to consider the temperature of the water.

But TPE dolls are different. Temperatures above 35°C are extremely high for them, which may cause melting, and melting is irreversible.

So be sure to pay attention to the water temperature to avoid harm to the doll!

Watch out for soap

Because soap and other bath products may react with certain substances in the doll's body, not all bath products can be used on the doll.

The texture of silicone dolls is tough and will slightly react to irritating products. It is recommended to use special detergents or neutral bath products.

The texture of TPE dolls is very soft. It is recommended to use specific products for cleaning, otherwise a strong chemical reaction may occur.

Pay attention to the head

Please remember to make sure that the doll's head is not immersed in the water when taking a bath.

Because dolls have delicate facial makeup and hair, touching water may cause them to fall off.

So be careful not to tip the doll over in the bathtub when the mandarin duck baths.

Watch out for rust

If there is a skeleton inside the doll, water may seep into the skeleton and inside, causing rust and mildew when wet.

You can have a moderate amount of bathing with the doll, provided that you have to be clear that there is a certain risk in this behavior.

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