Silicone sex doll isn't just a sex partner


Seventy percent of the world's adult products are made in China, including silicone dolls.

They are even more beautiful than human beings, with long legs, narrow waists, big breasts, narrow shoulders, and small faces. They can be sexy, beautiful, and healing, and many men dream of finding a lover. As long as there is a need, the image of the lover, wife, are likely to live in the silicone doll's body.

In the silicone doll user group, in addition to single, there are 30-40% have girlfriends, families. So are silicone dolls sex toys or human companions? Can it replace real people emotionally? Does its existence have any effect on intimacy in the real world?

How to define a silicone doll?

Silicone baby is also called entity doll, sex doll, is a high degree of reality of sex toys, its great function is to provide sexual services. In the past, there were many movies and reports about inflatable dolls. With the revolution of technology and the evolution of materials, there are now silicone dolls. People may need more sexual fantasy, such as visual and tactile stimulation, psychological satisfaction, resulting in the demand for simulated human toys. The silicone doll has the form of a human, which is actually a derivative of a sex toy.

Is it one-sided to think of it as a sex doll?

For the user, there is a stigma attached to a sex doll, as if he has a doll and he is a pervert. Users sometimes do not have sex with it, but also eat with it, hug, called "sex doll" as if it is very dirty, users need a little euphemism, a little implication. In fact, in my opinion, this view of the definition and understanding of sex is too narrow, we need to stretch the definition of sex.

What's the difference between having a silicone doll and other sex toys?

Users have a higher demand and demand for sexual satisfaction, they know more about what they want and take better care of their desires.

Could having silicone dolls simply be a need for companionship and intimacy?

Silicone doll is a substitute and a satisfaction of real life. In fact, it is similar to the psychology of love, but more inclined to possess and control a person.

He may be frustrated in real life and find it difficult to establish a good real relationship, or he may have some psychological needs that cannot be satisfied in real life, so he can satisfy this part of fantasy in a virtual world.

Another characteristic of silicone dolls is that they can be manipulated and cannot resist, and the owner has a control over the doll, which is a bit like SM plot. Someone who may not be able to express his desires to a real partner gets satisfaction from dolls.

Of course, there's the "Don't talk to me about sex, I think it's dirty, I just want to be pretty" mentality. But as far as we're concerned, sex isn't dirty, and whether you want to have sex or not, that's your choice.

Is it possible for dolls to replace real people emotionally?

Dolls can not replace real people, but can realize part of the emotional satisfaction, repair pain, repair lost, to meet part of the psychological desire. There is feedback between people's real feelings, which is that I have feelings for you and you have feelings for me.

Simulation doll, it has no way to feedback its emotions, or the emotional feedback is only imagined by the user. The real kind of emotion, in people will have power, will affect people change.

In real life, people have a lot of helpless and incompetent places, imaginary things, of course, will bring pleasure to people, it creates a safe zone, let people to relax, play. But that is always your own world, not the real feedback of the outside world.

Why do people need silicone dolls when they have real relationships?

True intimacy is mutual equality and self-consciousness. Silicone dolls, on the one hand, are also the embodiment of a desire to control sexual relations, while real people are more uncontrollable.

Statistical surveys show that the vast majority of men still masturbate after marriage. When you and your partner can't agree sexually or emotionally, they need to find other ways to satisfy.

What kind of psychological process do women who accept their partners to have silicone dolls generally go through?

Many women will have a psychological confrontation with their husband's mistress, "silicone baby beat themselves", or "I have no charm", will appear this frustration, in fact, there is no need.

The silica gel doll is just an external thing, but we can use the silica gel doll as a mirror to understand the emotional relationship between the two parties, communicate with the partner, why one party needs the silica gel doll, and what problems the two people have emotionally.

Don't women need silicone dolls?

Generally, women are more sensitive and complex in their emotions and emotions. They will feel that emotion and sex are tied together, and they need someone to love them more. Silicone dolls can hardly provide them with spiritual love.

Men's sexual satisfaction is relatively simple and straightforward. Of course, this is a personal choice, and individual culture, education, life style, are related.

How should the outside world view silicone doll user group?

As a group, they must be stereotyped by others. The whole society and culture do not accept the silicone doll, and many people even think it is a kind of abnormal.

Silicone dolls are related to sex, belong to privacy, and to a certain extent to meet people's needs for sex, there is its reasonable place. If it does not affect the individual's life and work, does no harm to society, it is good not to interfere. Be kind, understanding and supportive if you can.

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