Sex toy or sex doll, which is better to use?


Since ancient times, people have never stopped pursuing "sex".

The earliest is said to be a rock-polished rod unearthed in Germany, with a history of 28,000 years.

The earliest written record of imitation of dick in Western history was in Greece in the 3rd century AD.

In fact, in the 6th century BC, ancient Greek girls began to comfort themselves with sticks and olive oil.

And the earliest two-headed bronze ancestor unearthed in the Tomb of King Jing in Zhongshan from the Mancheng Han Tomb in China.

The wisdom of the ancients really cannot be underestimated!

Therefore, standing on the shoulders of giants, we continue to innovate and make progress. Now we have all kinds of sex toys and sex dolls for people to choose at will.

But here comes the problem. Modern people no longer shy away from the topic of "sex" and almost accept the existence of sex toys, but there are still prejudices against sex dolls.

Most sex toys are for women to use, can increase the fun and pleasure of apricot love.

In traditional concepts, apricot dolls are generally for men.

But as long as they hear that a certain boy has a sex doll, most people subconsciously feel physical discomfort and their hair is terrifying.

This is actually a kind of prejudice. Sex dolls can increase confidence, fight loneliness, and form a lifelong partner.

Sex is life, and sex is eternity.

In order to solve our physiological needs, is it a selective toy or a sex doll?

In fact, there is no standard fixed answer, it depends entirely on your personal needs and budget.

The difference between them is briefly introduced below for your reference~

1. The biggest difference between sex toys and sex dolls is that the former is hand-held.

Sex toys are small in size, easy to carry, and very convenient to use.

The size and appearance of sex dolls are the same as real people, and the head, chest, and lower body are all available.

The appearance of some sex toys is an individual part of the human body. To put it simply, sex toys are only a small part of sex dolls, and are a component of sex dolls.

2. The cost of sex dolls is relatively high, some up to thousands of dollars, depending on the material, quality and size.

Even if it is cheap, it should not be underestimated.

In contrast, the price of sex toys is much cheaper.

For novices, sex toys may feel better, after all, they are more affordable than sex dolls and are easier to carry and store.

Of course, the experience of sex dolls is incomparable to sex toys.

3. In terms of materials, whether it is a sex doll or a sex toy, most high-quality brands use safe and durable silicone material. TPE is also a commonly used material because it has a realistic feel and is affordable.

You can choose the material according to your preferences and budget.

It is worth mentioning that the sex doll uses an alloy skeleton in its body to imitate the role of human bones and joints.

You can assume a variety of postures to be more realistic and enjoy a variety of sex positions.

4. In terms of overallity, sex dolls are indeed superior to sex toys, because they can give people a realistic feeling.

With the advancement of technology, sex dolls have more and more functions. In addition to sounding and heating, smart sex robots have even been developed.

In terms of technology, sex toys and sex dolls are not comparable.

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