Sex toy material guide


When choosing toys, material is the most important consideration because it has the most direct impact on your health.

There are many cheap sex toys on the market, but they do so at the expense of quality.

Here, we will discuss the sex toy materials you can buy and the materials you should look for when buying sex toys for yourself.

Jelly sex toys

As far as sex toys are concerned, jelly material is almost the cheapest material.

But it contains a lot of phthalates.

This material uses rubber as a base line and adds phthalates to make it flexible.

Therefore, jelly sex toys can be easily made into any shape and color while still remaining smooth and flexible.

Although not all jelly sex toys contain phthalates, according to our experience, nearly 99% of toys contain phthalates.

Simply put, phthalates are a group of chemicals that help soften and enhance the flexibility of sex toys.

They are used in many consumer products, and any plastic products with a certain degree of flexibility are likely to contain phthalates.

Although phthalates are widely used, they are poisonous!

They constitute a major environmental and health problem on a global scale.

They are not only considered carcinogens, but also affect the human reproductive system.

Therefore, if you really find a sex toy that appeals to you, and it is labeled as using jelly material, then ask the seller whether it contains phthalates.

Otherwise, don't buy jelly sex toys.

Especially jelly sex toys usually have a very obvious rubber smell and a slight chemical smell.

Another problem with jelly materials is that they have many tiny holes.

These holes will be full of bacteria, and even cleaning will not make the toy safe.

Plastic sex toys

Although plastic is also very cheap, from a health point of view, plastic is much safer than jelly.

First, most plastic materials do not use phthalates.

Phthalates are used to make materials more elastic, while plastics are used to keep them hard and strong.

However, the benefits of plastic go far beyond these.

Because they are hard and smooth, they can be washed with warm water and soap.

In addition, from a performance point of view, plastic is a good material for controllable vibration sources.

This is because vibrations are transmitted very well in rigid materials such as plastics.

Therefore, if you want a particularly strong vibration toy, choose plastic.

The only real disadvantage of this material is that its appearance and feel do not give people a luxurious feel.

Silicone sex toys

This is one of the most commonly used materials in sex toys.

Unlike plastic, it feels softer and feels very comfortable.

However, although the material is soft, unlike jelly, it does not have any pores in the material.

This means that if you clean it well, it is impossible for any bacteria to grow on the toy.

The best part of sex toys that use silicone materials is their durability.

Regarding silicone sex toys, one thing to pay special attention to is not to use silicone lubricants at the same time.

In the long run, this may damage your sex toys.

If you want to use lubricant on silicone toys, you need to make sure it is water-based.

But in other respects, silicone is the perfect material for ordinary women looking for high-quality, durable toys.

Glass sex toys

One of the most popular materials for glass sex toys is that they exude an elegant atmosphere.

Especially the things that people who have collected a lot of sex toys especially want, that is, complex textures and good textures.

Glass dildos also have additional nuances in terms of performance, and they can be used in so-called temperature games.

Although most sex toys are inserted at typical room temperature, glass dildos can be heated or cooled to create a different sense of pleasure.

This is really a unique feeling, heating is usually reserved for advanced sex toy users.

Unlike silicone sex toys, glass sex toys can use any type of lubricant.

As you already know, glass materials are odorless, tasteless, and easy to clean.

For those who may be concerned about the durability of glass sex toys, don't worry.

Most glass sex toys are made of a very durable special material.

This means that they will not break when dropped.

Overall, sex toys that use glass materials are a reliable choice.

Especially for those who want elegant and complicated objects, or advanced users who like to experience the sensation of temperature difference, as long as you maintain them properly, you never need to replace them.

Metal sex toys

They are very similar to glass materials because they are hard and convey a similar sense of elegance and maturity through their shiny metal surfaces.

Metal toys can also be used to play temperature games, just like glass dildos.

However, under environmental conditions, metal toys are usually colder at first.

So even if you don't join the temperature game, you will get a colder feeling than any other sex toy.

This can be a huge sensory stimulation for women.

But this may also be unwelcome.

So before buying metal sex toys, we must take this into consideration.

Another factor to consider for metal is its overall weight.

Since most metal sex toys are constructed of solid metal, they tend to be very heavy.

This means increased stress when using sex toys.

The effect is particularly pronounced when using toys intended to be put inside the body, such as hip plugs.

Although the increased weight and pressure can increase the pleasure of some women, for other women, they don't like this feeling.

So also consider whether to buy.

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