Sex dolls can increase the fun of couples' lives


After years of transformation and progress, the sex doll industry is still one of the most dynamic industries.

At first, sex dolls were considered a taboo, and talking about them in public would bring some form of discrimination.

However, the "dark days" have passed, and people are beginning to accept the fun they bring.

With the passage of time, the quality of sex dolls has greatly improved with the advancement of technology.

Not only does it look like a real person and feel realistic, more and more functions are also developed.

Therefore, the sale of sex dolls has become very popular.

For many married people, their married life is no longer sparkling, and there is no fun at all.

It may be due to the pressure of life, excessive pressure, and unwillingness to live in the husband and wife; it may also be due to the opposition of the other side, routine business once or twice a month, and all kinds of great hospitality...

If there is no spark, the addition of the doll may bring freshness and help rekindle the life of the couple; if the wife refuses to have sex and purchase the doll to solve the physiological needs by herself, both parties avoid unnecessary troubles, He Le

Instead of doing it?

Whatever the reason, how can the addition of sex dolls make the situation worse?

It cannot be ignored that this is a very sensitive request.


First of all, we need to discuss with our partner and reach a consensus.

Maybe you want to surprise your partner, but it might turn into a shock.

You need a strong argument to convince your partner, please express your true feelings as much as possible.

Both parties need three chapters of the contract.

The purpose of sex dolls is to improve the quality of sex life, not a third party.

Therefore, both partners need to make clear rules. For example, the doll can only be used for a period of time during sex, and the other half cannot have a relationship with the doll when he is absent.

Don't confuse primary and secondary.

The sex doll is just an aid, she joined to help your married life.

Your attention will always be on your partner.

Don't overemphasize the status of sex dolls, which can lead to the shifting of attention to the dolls, thereby ignoring your partner.

This will cause your partner to feel jealous and think that you are not good enough for you and that sex dolls are your substitute.

Add fun

Threesome is one of the most discussed sexual fantasies among adults.

But there are risks in threesome, especially emotional risks. They worry that their partner will change their minds, so most people finally give up this idea.

At this time, as a third party, the sex doll has no such concerns.

Because the doll lacks human emotions, it means that it will not produce jealousy, fear, etc., which will affect the relationship between the two parties.

The sex doll has no risk of contracting STDs, and she can satisfy the sexual fantasies you cannot satisfy in your married life.

So, discuss it with your partner and get back the spark you lost in your marriage together.

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