Japanese man falls in love with 6 realistic sex dolls


According to Japanese media reports, 66-year-old Nakajima And his wife Yayoi have been married for many years, they have a couple of children, but in the ordinary family, Nakajima is deeply in love with six sex dolls, Yayoi not only supports him, but also support her husband love with sex dolls.

Nakajima said that he had to rent a house for a long time from Long Island to Tokyo on a business trip, and became very lonely.

10 years ago, he bought his first sex doll, "Shazha", and started his journey of collecting sex dolls.

Nakajima revealed that he was like other single men, at the beginning treat the sex doll as a sexual tool, but one day, he carefully looked at "Shazha" skin, eyes, hair, and her charming smile.

In that instant,Nakajima is fascinated by her, feel unprecedented "warm", then completely fall in love with the sex doll.

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