Can you have sex on your period?


For girls, there are always a few days a month, feeling down, unwell, and tempered... These few days have also been a great torture to male compatriots!

Even if you have a female ticket, you have to solve the desire that is nowhere to be placed by yourself.

The male compatriots can't help asking: Is it true that the aunt can't have sex?

What are the hazards of having sex during aunt's period?

①Because of the excitement of both parties, penile insertion will cause the female genitalia to be congested, resulting in increased menstrual flow and prolonged menstrual period.

②At the same time, male genitals may bring bacteria into the vagina. Menstrual blood is a good culture medium for bacteria and other microorganisms. Bacteria can easily breed and spread along many tiny wounds and ruptured small blood vessels in the endometrium, infecting the endometrium.

It can even involve the fallopian tubes and pelvic organs, causing unnecessary trouble for the woman.

③Menstrual secretions enter the male urethra, which may also cause urethritis.

④Sexual intercourse during menstruation, because sperm meets with overflowing blood cells at the damaged part of the endometrium, and even enters the blood, it can induce the production of anti-sperm antibodies, leading to immune infertility and infertility.

⑤Having sex during menstruation, due to uterine contraction during sexual impulse, endometrial fragments may also be squeezed into the pelvic cavity, causing endometriosis, leading to infertility.

Can you have sex right after the aunt period?

When women just stop menstruation, there are still broken blood vessels and glands on the surface of the uterine cavity, the tiny blood vessels will ooze blood, and the new endometrium has only begun to grow, and the surface is not covered by epithelium.

At this time, the wound in the uterine cavity is like the skin of epidermal abrasion. Although there is no bleeding anymore, it has not been completely regenerated and repaired.

Therefore, if you rush to have sex right after menstruation stops, it may cause hyperemia of the uterine cavity, resulting in re-bleeding of the uterine cavity and vaginal bleeding.

In addition, while having sex, germs attached to the male penis, urethra, and female vagina can enter the female genital tract with sexual intercourse, causing infection of the reproductive organs, and damage to the unrecovered endometrium.

Therefore, every menstruation should be 2-3 days after the menstruation is clean, and then resume normal sexual life, so that it is more conducive to women's reproductive health.

Remember to stop at the red light and go on with the green light. Old drivers must "drive" safely!

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