A funeral club for realistic sex dolls


At the end of January 2020, a special funeral service opened. For only 50,000 yen, the funeral service will come to your home to carry it, transport it to the disposal facility, and then cut your loved one to pieces... We're not talking about some whimsical urban legend. We're talking about the Sex Doll Funeral Club, which handles sex dolls.

They will take away the doll that once made you happy, take her final photo, write your tearful goodbye letter in front of her, and then take her on her way... Then they will return some of her "ashes" to you and provide for her forever. To be honest, apart from the fact that the final "decomposition" part of the body is a bit tough, there is no difference in many rituals between a doll burial society and a human burial society that deals with the dead.Realistic sex doll.

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