This American factory is the Rolls-Royce of realistic sex dolls


A tough American factory today. Standing outside a nondescribable building at the end of a lonely turnpike north of San Diego, it's hard to imagine what kind of company or factory it is.

But it's home to Abyss Creations, the largest sex toy factory in the United States, which makes high-end custom sex dolls called RealDolls, the Rolls Royce of fun.

How realistic is a RealDoll? Shake the doll's buttocks and it even shakes.In the factory, the process of coloring and makeup, splicing and shaping, scraping and removing waste are all done by hand. RealDoll has appeared on Future Men and recently even dabped in VR.

Founder Matt McMullen, originally an artist, made sex toys by accident. Before he started making realdolls, sex toys were limited to ugly sex dolls, and even those were novelty rather than sex toys.

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