Some secrets of the sexes you don’t know#sex girls and boys



·According to a survey conducted by the University of Munich in 2018, 84% of young women admitted that they had sexual fantasies from time to time, 72% had experienced masturbation, and more than 35% had used sex toys (such as dildos, vibrators) .

·If you see girls reaching into the collar of their clothes, guys don’t get excited, because they might just be fishing for bra straps.

·The girls look like relentless, and the chat reply is very concise, and they are thousands of miles away. After getting familiar with them, you’ll find they are wags. And you think you are a goat, who knows that she is a goat.

·The time of the girl’s aunt may be a little earlier or a few days later each time. It is not always a stable day of the month to come. Calculating official holidays is a basic skill for boyfriends and must be learned.

·The size of girls' breasts is a mystery. Because in addition to underwear, there is another thing called corset. The thickness of some underwear can make an airport penetrate the majestic mountain, want the effect of a big cup? One underwear and a few bra pads can be easily done. And some girls with big breasts, in order to wear clothes to look good, will choose the thinnest, and even add a layer of corset to create the effect of abstinence. In addition, the size of a girl’s chest will become larger or smaller with the influence of menstrual hormones.

·When you have sex with a stranger, you find that her underwear is a complete set, which means that she has prepared for the sex in advance, and you are the prey.

For boys:

·According to a survey conducted by Waseda University in Japan in 2015, more than 37% of men still have a hand addiction (Male masturbator) when they have a girlfriend. In the Tokyo area, 65% have used sex toys, and one in every 30 men has used sex dolls.

·Boys will get an erection in the morning. This is a natural physiological phenomenon. If you don't move it, it will naturally return to normal.

·In fact, most boys have varying degrees of bending after becoming male, and only 30% of boys are completely straight. Bending does not affect the use. There may be other uses. Girls have a G-spot, and bending upwards can just stimulate the G-spot.

·When a boy sits and doesn't want to get up, don't disturb him. It is really inconvenient for him to get up.

·Don't be surprised when the boy suddenly lifts his leg while walking, he just adjusts the position of the dick.

·100% of boys have measured the length of their dick, don't ask me how I know.

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