Realistic sex dolls are in high demand, and women's sex dolls are more popular


The size of the market is growing because there is more demand for sex dolls, so sales are naturally rising. Iresearch report shows that although nearly 70 percent of consumers in China's adult sex dolls industry are men, that is, mainly men, but in fact women's sex dolls are more "popular", sales growth is greater.

According to data from Tmall, sales of female sex dolls products rose 11 times in just one year, becoming the "main force" of adult sex dolls consumers. It can be seen that many men are willing to "pay for love". Analysys has previously said that men have long gone from buying sex dolls to "parity" between men and women.

This also means that the Chinese people for the sex dolls of this commodity acceptance has become more and more high, can speculate, the future of the adult products industry development prospects are really very considerable. If you want to "into the bureau" people, really have to grasp, after all, this is a "profiteer" industry. However, each industry is not casually can enter, in addition to the capital in place, but also to the market and industry to have a certain understanding. Experts have said that in 2025, China's sex dolls products market will usher in the "outbreak period", as to whether to consider this industry, it depends on everyone.

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