realistic sex doll for pet


Human physical needs need to be addressed. Do dogs really need to be addressed as well? A Chinese company has recently launched a "sex doll" for dogs, which has become a hot topic on the Internet. Internet users have discovered a sex toy made specifically for dogs by a Chinese company, which claims to be a "real female mating organ" and emphasizes that the vagina "feels soft, fresh and thick and breathes well".

In addition, the female dog doll is also built in the induction microphone, with the male dog's rhythm to send out the sound when the female dog copulation, and intimate with a "shaming cover", can be used to cover the hole, so as not to see embarrassed when guests come home, appearance and general dog doll is not too big difference. The product is also available in two styles, red VIP and white VIP, and can be selected according to the height of the pet. The content of the advertisement in the text is explicit to express "give the dog a comfortable experience", "love him don't let him poor to hold a pillow to complain".

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