Japan made a love movie about realistic  sex dolls


Sex doll, also known as inflatable doll in early years. Because the appearance looks like a real person, the texture is soft, the sales volume has been far ahead.

Even Hollywood couldn't resist the shock and enlisted Gosling to make A sex Doll.

Shoplifters director Hirokazu Kore-eda also used Bae doo-nae in his daring art-house film Air Dolls, which featured a sex doll.

In today's movie, the main character makes 100 expensive dolls -- Love Dolls.

The doll of full of beautiful things in eyes lets Zhe xiong some dazzling, below all sorts of introduction of old master, he is to have a preliminary understanding to his job. Nothing but making sex dolls.

It is worth mentioning that inflatable dolls have long been replaced by today's silicone dolls because of the technological backwater.

The doll that PVC material makes comes, simple sense is better, toughness is better, also more lifelike, still need not remember every day to cheer up.

The factory is more than half of the old employees, can not keep up with The Times, although the quality of the dolls made, but the aesthetic aspects are far behind the current consumer demand.

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