Fake sex doll for sale


  While the market is growing rapidly, the realistic sex dolls industry also has many pain points. At present, the price of realistic sex dolls on the market is generally high, most of them in the 6000-8000 yuan or so, the market price of silicone simulation doll is as high as tens of thousands, many ordinary consumers can not afford to spend. This has led to a proliferation of counterfeit contraband products. Realistic sex dolls belong to personal items, copycat products are rampant, how to ensure safety and health is also the biggest doubts in the minds of consumers.

  Ninety-eight percent of users are buying knockoff silicone dolls, known as TPE realistic sex dolls. TPE realistic sex dolls are made of thermoplastic elastomer materials and mineral oil, the price is relatively cheap, but due to the limitations of its physical characteristics, most of the products oil feel greasy, short life, three to five months will naturally crack. Because mineral oil is carcinogenic, substandard TPE realistic sex dolls can also damage the body. In contrast, the silicone realistic sex doll uses liquid active silica gel, can draw composite permanent makeup, hair and eyebrow transplant, realistic and safe, and not easy to aging, dry and no oil, but the silicone realistic sex doll is relatively expensive.

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