Do you know how big the realistic sex doll market is?


According to a research report on China's realistic sex doll industry from a consulting firm, in 2011, the domestic retail sales of the realistic sex doll industry was 120 billion yuan, of which 15 percent was sex equipment. There are 200,000 retail stores in China, 30% of which are offline; From 2006 to 2011, the industry grew at a compound rate of 20% and is expected to grow at 30% by 2016.

The realistic sex doll market is no longer limited to men at all. On the contrary, women are increasingly the main purchasing power. According to the overall data, about 84 percent of men are the main buyers of realistic sex dolls, but 37 percent of them buy female realistic sex dolls. Among nearly 17% of female buyers, Sichuan took the first place with 21.04%, followed by Guangxi with 20.72% and Chongqing with 19.69%. Considering the total population of Sichuan and Chongqing, it is not difficult to find that chongqing has the highest density of women buying realistic sex dolls in China.

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