A realistic sex doll experiencer


Realistic sex doll experiencer means try all kinds of sex toy, and write down their feelings and experience. This is such a new industry that it has never been heard of before, and some companies are offering an annual salary of 200,000 yuan to hire people in this field. What does a "realistic sex doll experiencer" do? Adults know what they know. And many recruiters are just using the "realistic sex doll experiencer" as a "borderline" to make a free advertisement for their products. Sure, there will be candidates, but once you're in the business, how many $200,000 a year will you be able to make?

Xiang Gong, who graduated from a junior college in 2011, has no clear career plan, like many young people starting out in society. He worked as a supermarket tally clerk, ran through sales, the most difficult time put a stall, "mixed for more than two years do not know what to do." In 2013, Xiang Gong saw the recruitment of a sex product experience engineer on the Internet. In comparison, the job was easy, but the salary was not cheap. "You can make money just lying down", xiang Gong was enchanted at the moment. In the summer of 2013, he passed multiple interviews and was hired. "When his family found out about his job, they forced him to resign."

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