Hickey techniques


1.Pay attention to whether the atmosphere is appropriate

Many people know that the neck is a very sensitive place,where there are not only abundant capillaries,but also important blood vessels such as arteries.So many people's necks are not touchable by others,and they feel very itchy when they touch them.

Not to mention that your breath will spill on the other person's neck when sucking the hickey,so you must look at the atmosphere.When the atmosphere is ambiguous and harmonious,this is a very emotional way to flirt without making the other person feel itchy.

2.Pay attention to the skills of sucking hickeys

Many people want to suck the hickey on the other half,but they can't suck it every time, so they will work very hard when replanting.This is also very dangerous,and will make the other person feel pain or discomfort.

When a boy sucks a hickey to a girl,he needs to gently bite a small piece of skin with his teeth,and then gently suck like a jelly.Suck the meat from the opponent's neck into your own mouth,which is the same principle as cupping.

3.Try to avoid dangerous places such as arteries

The hickey does not have to be sucked on the neck.

Because sucking on the neck is still dangerous.When your sucking hickey turns into a blood clot,it may circulate in the body along the arteries of your girlfriend.It is easy to cause stroke,and it may even lead to death in severe cases.

must remember:

Hide your teeth and don't bite your partner.

Sucking on the skin of the same area intermittently. If you suck in one breath for 30 seconds,it will make you breathless, or it may feel weird.First suck for 10 seconds,then kiss him,and then suck on the same part for 10 seconds.

Take control of your saliva,and try to swallow the excess saliva while sucking.

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