The correct ways to bring sex toys through station security


Sex toys accompany us through wonderful nights, so when we need to go out, should we let it stay at home or take it out to be happy together?

1. The best consignment

Everyone knows that electronic products need to be taken out for separate inspection during the security check.

At this time, if you want to avoid any awkward interaction with the security personnel, then please remember to put them in the checked luggage safely.

If you put it quietly in your carry-on luggage, the staff may open the bag when you pass the security check, "Let me see, what Pokémon is in your bag".

2. Remove the battery in advance

Many babies say they don’t want to check in, or they forget to put them in the checked luggage.

At this time, if you are traveling with a sex toy with a battery, you must remember to take the battery out before going to the airport.

If it is a rechargeable sex toy, you can try to use up its battery before flying.

3. Put it in a quiet preservation bag

It is recommended to put your toys in a clean storage bag.

In this way, not only can you keep clean and hygienic, but also when you are intercepted and searched, you can avoid being opened layer by layer by security personnel, and you can quickly identify your belongings by looking directly at the bag.

4. Leave particularly "weird" things at home

Many babies have some special hobbies, but not all toys can follow you through the security check.

Whips, iron chains, etc. may be classified as "weapons", which may never be carried.

Therefore, it is recommended to bring some small and exquisite toys, such as vibrators, vibrators, vibrators, and other small and cute toys to go on vacation.

Save the things that make security personnel look weird until next time.

5. Research the destination law in advance

In most cases, the use of vibrators and personal massagers is completely legal.

However, there are exceptions when traveling to areas where the provision of entertainment products is prohibited by law.

If you are not sure where these rules apply, be sure to do some research.

Customs officials in Thailand, Vietnam and the Maldives reserve the right to confiscate your sex toys upon arrival.

Officials in Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates or India will go even further and fine you and your sex toys or, in more extreme cases, detain you.

6. Be open and natural when faced with inquiries

If you encounter routine inspections or inquiries from security personnel, remember not to overreact.

If security personnel need to clearly confirm what they are dealing with, please answer naturally and don’t feel ashamed.

You can simply call sex toys "personal care products" and move on.

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