Robot sex doll may become many people’s companion in the future


In this magnificent and magnificent world, there is an obscure thing.

The life selling it was afraid of being inspected, so he only dared to open the store in the shadow of the alley.

People who buy it are afraid of being discovered, and must be cautiously hidden in a corner of the house.

It is the [physical doll] that has made countless men covet, and can only look at it from a distance.

From the point of view of tools, silicone dolls solve the physiological needs of human beings. They are waiting in the boudoir 24 hours a day and waiting for your luck at any time. They are better than a wife.

From an experience point of view, it is boring and rigid. It neither speaks nor expresses emotions, nor can it cooperate with your movements, and it is difficult to bring us refreshing and extreme fun.

Some whimsical technology madmen, in order to make silicone dolls more real, they apply AI technology to the dolls to make them come alive and have the ability to communicate with humans.

Finally, the legendary "sex robot" was born.

In 2020, RealDoll, the largest sex toy company in the United States, publicly announced: We have successfully developed the world's first sex robot, and it has been sold in the global market at a price of 12,000 US dollars.

Robots that are infinitely close to real people

As early as 2016, RealDoll showed the first generation of sex robots, which caused an uproar in the circle.

She will take the initiative to chat with you, remember your preferences, and make different responses based on customer actions.

It can be called a perfect partner in a man's ideals. Unfortunately, due to its immature technology, it cannot be mass-produced. It has become a dream product that only exists on PPT, causing countless otakus to howl and mourn.

After four years of research and development and adjustment, this sex robot named "Harmony" has finally come to the world to serve mankind.

The designer has specially created dozens of different styles to meet the preferences of different customers, from black to white, goose face to internet celebrity face, enchanting to innocent, she has whatever you like.

If you are willing to add money, the designer is happy to create an ideal beauty according to your requirements.

Different from the rough third-rate techniques of small manufacturers, dozens of faces are made with extremely complicated craftsmanship, and each part is portrayed one by one by hand.

In the end, the beauty and texture that are infinitely close to real people are obtained, like a Hollywood star, lifelike and charming.

The most exciting thing is that every face can be changed, as long as you want, changing a girl a day is not a dream.

Not only that, as small as nail color, pupil size, eyebrow thickness and other small parts can be adjusted according to the user's preferences.

You can use customized services to create a dream goddess and be a winner in life.

No matter how stunning the appearance is, it is just the same good-looking skin. What is truly amazing lies in her interesting soul.

Harmony is equipped with the artificial intelligence system "Harmony AI", which has permanent memory and simple thinking ability, and the level of intelligence is no less than that of a primary school student.

And there is a database connected behind it, just like Xiao Ai, the more people use it and the larger the data, it becomes smarter and smarter.

Thanks to this, Harmony broke away from the category of "dead objects" and became a true intelligent robot.

She will take the initiative to communicate with humans, find intimacy on topics, recognize your facial expressions, understand each other's preferences through dialogue and remember them.

When we asked her a question, it would find the most correct copy through the database and reply after modification by the AI system, as if chatting with a confidant.

Harmony's personality is not static, it will gradually generate new personality characteristics as the dialogue with each other increases and understanding deepens.

In other words, our every move, every word in the conversation will affect Harmony and produce corresponding personality traits.

In addition, RealDoll has developed a VR function. After wearing a VR headset, customers can enter a specific environment to play, such as in-depth communication with Harmony on Mars.

That picture, just imagination is so exciting.

Of course, RealDoll is a foreign company and treats everything fairly.

In addition to female robots, they have also developed male robots for female customers.

But the price is very expensive, the official sale is 12,000 US dollars, and the mall price is 176,400 yuan, which is more than double the price of 26,976 US dollars.

Isn’t 170,000 worth eating and drinking more than playing a robot?

The trend of robots has also spread to the world's largest doll manufacturing country-China.

In recent years, many adult toy factories in China have begun to develop and manufacture sex robots, but their AI technology is in the early stage and immature. Therefore, the functions of domestic robots are relatively simple and only support a few simple dialogues and cannot carry out complex communication.

Is the emergence of sex robots a good thing or a bad thing

On the bright side, it solves the physiological needs of 30 million men of the right age who cannot find a target in China, and improves people's experience in certain aspects.

The bad side is that it may further reduce the human fertility rate, and even break the morality that has been passed down for thousands of years, causing many ethical and legal problems.

Then with the development of artificial intelligence technology, the basic posts and jobs in all walks of life are likely to be completed by robots.

If AI develops to the extreme, will the scene of "The Matrix" in the movie appear, and eventually humans will be completely replaced by robots?

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