Old man and sex doll


In most people's cognition, the elderly have long been insulated from "sex", "sex" is the product of youth, the aging body only needs the company of another body, and will not get close due to desire and temptation.

But as a person's basic physiological needs, sex may be accompanied by a lifetime.

In China, 53% of 55-61-year-olds have a one-time life every month, and 39% of them can live up to 3 times a month.

94% of men and 84% of women still have sex after 60 years of age.

But compared to young people, it is much harder for the elderly to seek sexual satisfaction within marriage.

What these old people are facing is the disappearance of bodies that are no longer glamorous, mild or severe illnesses, exhausted marriages, and intimate relationships.

Even with limited physical and living conditions, they still have a desire for sex and love.

Hidden behind the "old" are intimacy and abandonment, depression and catharsis, as well as unspeakable practices, feelings and experiences.

When the original peaceful order is broken, some old people will be immersed in the grief of being widowed for a long time, but some old people do not belong to the former, and the romance of "except Wushan is not a cloud" is lost to reality.

One’s own physical needs have not been properly resolved, “If you have a wife, you can find a wife, but if you don’t have a wife, we can only find a temporary one.” Almost every week, some elderly people need to "find a lady" to solve the problem.

But Fengyue Place is just a bad idea, and such a "not visible" thing is really frightening.

For the elderly who cannot afford sex, establishing acquaintance relationships is "reasonable and reasonable".

It is difficult to find a fixed partner in real life. Uncle Wang, 68, thought of a perfect expedient.

He recently ordered his fourth sex doll online.

He bought three six months ago, a plastic inflatable doll, and two silicone toys that simulate human genitals.

The price of full-body dolls is not cheap. Uncle Wang thought about it for a long time, but in the end he was moved by the description of the customer service, "Said it has an interactive function". After the goods were delivered home, Uncle Wang didn't study it thoroughly. Did you use the doll?

How long does it take to leak.

The doll is usually placed on the right side of the bed. Uncle Wang prepared a pillow for her, and he would tuck the bedding for her before dreaming.

Uncle Wang is lonely and has few friends. After leaving his wife, he is lonely at night. He will talk to the inflatable doll next to his pillow.

Occasionally, I met a female friend who was able to talk about it and brought it home. Uncle Wang would put the doll away in advance. He felt that this was not a bright thing. "It doesn't matter if you can figure it out, but it's a taboo if you can't figure it out."

In their dying years, they still have sexual desires and the ability to love.

But they swayed back and forth in love and fear, arguing forward.

The body is aging, but will love and lust fade with the extension of time?

Walking into the lives of some elderly people, we find that intimacy is still the core of their lives.

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