Marry with a realistic sex doll


In December, bodybuilding instructor Yuri Tolochko proposed to his girlfriend, "Sex doll Margo." To him, Margo is a real person, alive and self-aware, and they are truly in love. The bizarre relationship caused much discussion at the time, with many people looking forward to the couple walking down the aisle and waiting for their wedding day.

Earlier, Tolochko finally released a documentary and photos of his marriage to wife Margo, exchanging rings and kissing in front of his close friends.

Tolochko said she had expected her wedding to take place in March this year, but was pushed back because of the growing epidemic and after being beaten at a transgender party for wearing long blond hair and a pink dress. He also asked netizens not to worry. Although Margo has posted fewer photos lately, their relationship is still very sweet.

Tolochko, a self-described gay fitness instructor and artist, and Margo, a former bartender, met in a nightclub, fell in love and dated for two years before they married.

Tolochko and Margo are just any couple in love, sharing Instagram pictures of eating together, traveling together, raising a dog together, even kissing and half-naked. While it's a little unusual, it's fair to say that many of the photos are beautifully done and touching.

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