Can Humans Fall in Love with Robots?


HOLA!AMIGOS!Today I would like to introduce you some movies related to the love between humans and devices,this theme has always been the hot topic of science fiction movies.Well,here I will introduce you seven movies related to A.I. or even sex doll.Here we go!

1. Lars and the Real Girl(2007)

Lars and the Real Girlfriend. It was a very popular movie at the time because it’s a movie starring by Ryan Gosling, a popular actor, you may know him from La La Land,and the story was very touching.

Lars, a 26-year-old young man living in a rural town in the U.S., is a kind-hearted young man who is well-liked by everyone in the town, but he is very shy and not very good at talking to women. He lives alone in a renovated garage behind the house where his brother Gus and his wife Karin live, and is unable to build any relationships.

One day, Lars tells Gus and Karin that he has met a woman through the Internet and that he will introduce them to her. At first, Gus and Karin are happy to see Lars, but they are surprised when he introduces them to Bianca.Because Bianca was a realistic doll sold on an adult website...

Can Humans Fall in Love with Robots?

2. A.I.(2001)

The second is A.I. Artificial Intelligence, a 2001 American science fiction film. If you decide to watch it, be sure to bring tissues! You might burst into tears.If you are a fan of Jude Law,you definitely gonna watch it!

In a future where global warming has caused some of the land near the oceans to sink, there is a strict licensing system for pregnancy and childbirth, and robots that don't require a lot of resources take the place of humans. David, who was developed as a boy-like robot with the same affection as humans, is sent on a trial basis to Henry, an employee of the robot manufacturing company that created him, and his wife Monica. The couple had a son, Martin, who had an incurable disease, there was no guarantee that he would ever wake up, so they were practically childless.

David was programmed to love Monica, who he activated, forever, but Martin miraculously overcame his illness and woke up, was discharged from the hospital, and came home. Monica began to love Martin more than David. One day, while Martin and David are playing, Martin has a life-threatening accident and David is abandoned in the woods...

Can Humans Fall in Love with Robots?

3. Ex Machina(2014)

Caleb works as a programmer at Blue Book, an IT company famous for its search engine, and wins the right to visit the home of the company president, Nathan, by lottery. Caleb is invited by helicopter to Nathan's home, which is located deep in a vast mountainous area, and is asked to demonstrate an AI that Nathan is working on, which is why Nathan is in daily contact with the AI and studying it. Unbeknownst to him, Nathan is drawn to the AI, which also expresses to Nathan its feelings for him and its desire to go and experience the outside world...

Can Humans Fall in Love with Robots?

4. Her(2013)

It’s a movie starring by Joaquin Rafael Phoenix,the story takes place in the near future in Los Angeles. Theodore is a writer who writes letters on behalf of others. One day, while grieving over the breakup of his wife, Catherine, he acquires Samantha, an artificially intelligent operating system. Theodore is attracted to Samantha, who is more attractive and human than a flesh-and-blood woman. Samantha is hurt by the fact that he dated a Harvard-educated woman. The two begin to have virtual sex. He meets with his wife, who is in the middle of divorce proceedings, and draws up divorce papers, but she doesn't seem to agree. Finally, he sends a woman, not a prostitute, but a woman who says she understands their relationship, to have real sex. He refuses, even though his partner argues with Samantha...

Can Humans Fall in Love with Robots?

5. Electric dreams(1984)

Miles is an architect who works for an architectural firm, but his ineptitude and dull behavior have made him unpopular at work. One day, he spills champagne on the keyboard of a desktop computer he bought at an electronics store, and the computer suddenly takes on a personality and starts talking. One day, Miles falls in love with Madeline, a beautiful cellist who moves in on the floor above him, but the talking computer falls in love with her too...

Can Humans Fall in Love with Robots?

6. Howard the Duck(1986)

Howard the Duck is a 1986 American science fiction film directed by George Lucas.

The main character, who lives in the land of the ducks, is suddenly sent to Earth. The place where he crashes is a venue that is off-limits to minors. He then meets Beverly and lives with her. The next day Beverly goes to Phil to show him the strange duck, but to no avail...

Can Humans Fall in Love with Robots?

7. A.I.RISING(2018)

A.I. Rising is a 2018 Serbian.In a socialist world in 2148 the Ederlezi Corporation undertakes a space mission to the Alpha Centauri star system. The corporation selects Milutin,a trained cosmonaut, but demands that he accepts Nimani,an android designed to respond to the cosmonaut's desires and to monitor his performance on the ship. Milutin dislikes the idea as he has had poor experiences with women in the past but implicitly accepts when he asks what she would look like.

Nimani is activated during the trip and Milutin experiments with her programmed scenarios. He finds her to be too artificial and submissive, unlike the human women he has experienced. Milutin gets bored and creates a scenario where she acts as a young first time lover, in which he rapes her. Milutin discovers that Nimani has a parallel operating system based on experiences shaped by interactions with the user, and that he can remove her pre-programmed constraints if he can get advanced access, which is denied by the ship's onboard computer. The two become romantically entwined, and after Milutin starts an argument scenario, he finds that she is beginning to act beyond her routines, and reads in emotion in the interaction. Determined to find out if her feelings are real or programmed, he forces the ship into a tailspin, which makes the ship's computer grant him advanced access...

Can Humans Fall in Love with Robots?

That’s all the movies I want to introduce you today,thank you for reading!

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