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"Dolls that come to life on Instagram" is a series of stories featuring customer stories, Instagram accounts dedicated to dolls, and the stories of both customers and dolls and their adventures together.

This is the story of Red and Rosaline, an Instagram real-life doll

First and foremost, I'd like to thank the people behind Msexdoll.com and their Instagram page Msexdoll for allowing me the honor and opportunity for being featured on their website and media outright. Their site design, customer service, and attention to detail are very impressive and to be asked to share my doll and personal story for them is both flattering and humbling for me.

So I go by the name of Red, a nickname I've been given that I've had for a long time. And I've been asked to share with you all my personal story of life and how I came to purchasing a sex doll.

I guess the best place to start is why I've been given that name. As a redheaded male, it's been rather difficult for me to obtain lasting relationships as long as I have been pursuing them. I have other faults and insecurities that definitely played a part as well, sure. But at least from my experience, I do honestly believe that redheaded guys have it really hard attracting women into something meaningful. They're not as exotic or appealing to women as say redheaded women are to guys; there's a giant difference there that I'm only skimming the surface on. Given that, in my personal experience, it's a little too out of the ordinary and not attractive to the common eye to have bright red hair, pale skin, freckles, and any other physical trait that comes with it for the ladies.

Even so, I've had a handful of relationships that have all tailored themselves to what I think and believe today. But what you should also know about them, about these specific relationships, in particular, is that the majority of the women involved were very physically attractive and fairly out of my league to keep. Call me shallow or narrow-minded, but a woman's beauty is of the utmost importance to me and I would overlook many bad qualities in them just to be with them. I think to a degree that the majority of men also think this way, but are too polite to say it. After all, a beautiful woman is a monument to how successful or powerful a man really is. The same can be said with driving a really nice car, or owning a giant house, or having other expensive things and tastes. Let's face it, you're really not going to impress anybody parking a beater next to a trailer house with a below-average wife. Such is life.

Anyway, I grew really attracted in not only these women, but also the attention they brought me when I took them out in public. My ego would swell at other people staring at us. I noticed every double take men around me gave them; their jaw dropped and faces riddled with envy at me as we passed. I heard every comment other women whispered to each other wondering what the hell the woman with me saw in me. This attention was intoxicating to me and became a natural high that couldn't be topped by any other, honestly. I liked the pride that came with it. I gloated at the jealousy they sprawled before me, and it validated my existence like none other.

Naturally, I had very bad luck in maintaining such relationships. I'm not exactly a prize in any sense of the word, so these relationships were very few and far in between for me. But boy did I love them when I had them.

My last relationship was certainly the most beautiful of them all. She was a head magnet everywhere we went. But not only that, she had so many qualities about her that made her so much better than just her looks. I fell for her pretty fast, but there was no possible way I could keep her, despite me trying. She ended up hurting me the most when she decided to end our relationship, far beyond anything I've ever experienced before. And let me remind you, I had a fair share.

I could say so many more things about this particular relationship that could help you relate and identify how it feels when you find someone like that, but I'm sure you all reading can understand to some degree. Whether you experienced something similar with someone else, or you've never had anyone and just seen somebody like that in your field of view.

For several years, I have always contemplated getting a sex doll for companionship. There's a lot more to having a full-bodied head-to-toe doll than there is your average sex toy. I watched documentaries, videos, etc. about the subject and the glamour of having them, and knew I could take to the doll the way others did and fill a void in myself I wasn't getting with my lack of meaningful relationships.

Because of my extreme picky taste, I spent a lot of time alone, and it was very hurtful at first. But when you do spend enough time alone, you develop an immunity to it. You absolutely have to, or you'll go out of your mind or worse. Eventually, being alone became my norm and loneliness went from hurting to going numb. I aged and became less and less dependent on having a relationship to validate me, which took me a very long time to be honest. But it was liberating when you transcend over needing one and when the pain of loneliness eventually goes away. I'm here to tell you it does, you just need to adapt and occupy yourself. Validate yourself and shed dependency on relationships.

And here's the important thing that everyone can agree to, regardless of experience: The pain of being alone is nothing compared to the pain of being happy with someone and losing it.

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