What is the meaning of sex doll for men?


China is the world's largest supplier of sex dolls, with a whopping 70% global market share, but did you know that Chinese men are also the biggest buyers?

Why are dolls so popular with Chinese men?

The gender imbalance

One of the biggest reasons why more men in China prefer to have sex with sex dolls is the growing scarcity of women.

China has a huge gender imbalance. So far, there are 30 to 40 million more men than women in China, so the ratio is about 116.9 to 100, and the gap is growing. So most men have to find alternative ways to satisfy their sexual needs and desires.

Family planning policy

In response to the rapid population growth, China implemented the one-child policy nationwide in 1980, legally limiting each family to one child. Although the plan now allows three children, China's male-to-female ratio is skewed.

The obedience of dolls

Dolls are perfect substitutes for women, they don't have the flaws of most women. With dolls, men no longer feel the pressure to perform at their best, and no one is judging your skills, you just need to consider your own feelings. You have absolute freedom to have sex at any time, anywhere. The doll also has super tolerance and coordination, satisfying all your needs, whether it is role playing or difficult pattern poses.

Of course, aside from these reasons, the main reason men buy them is to satisfy their sexual desire.

For single men, dolls offer a reliable way to satisfy sexual desire without risking infection.

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