My sexdoll makes my life colorful


After my experience with that woman, I decided it was better for me to count my winnings and fold my hand. I extremely doubted that anyone better or better looking would ever find their way to me, and given all the details my mind was absolutely convinced of it. The bar was raised too high to scale after that, and I knew it.

That's when I put some serious thought into investing into a sex doll.

I can remember my excitement for it. I'd look at every single one regardless of price and bookmark every single one I was attracted to. I'm not a very successful man by any means, so saving up for one was quite a financial goal I never really had done or thought about before. I didn't even know that I had the discipline, patience, or the financial stability to even save for one.

I spent the time looking at them online almost every night after work. I put in more hours, took other co-worker's shifts who were willing to give them, and pinched any penny I could to see if I could turn a profit over my monthly bills. Surprisingly, I saved up enough a lot quicker than I thought myself capable of.

In the weeks I spent looking, I narrowed the massive variety of sex dolls to three. I looked them over extensively, picking out little details about them and weighing them over the other. I spent a lot of time looking at the faces, deciding which one I liked best. And when it finally came to the dollar where I could afford one and stay afloat financially after, the craziest thing happened...

...I ran into a brand new one that I hadn't even seen before.

It seemed impulsive, but I fixated on that one. Everything about her was perfect. I looked at every picture and studied every measurement, and determined this was the one I was meant to have. The body, the face and every slight detail of her allured me. She finally made the girl I couldn't get over with fade away from my memory, easing the pain I thought would always be there and standing more beautiful and presentable in comparison. The man who could only love for looks fell in love at first sight.

It was only until the day I got her that I decided on a name, which was another thing that came to me as instantaneous as the doll itself. I was planning to just go with their default names, until I couldn't stop hearing a certain name at a new job I had. It dealt with a lot of customers in and out, and I kept hearing a certain one that stuck out from the rest. Eventually, an attractive woman my age walked in and introduced herself as she checked out. She was definitely flirty and direct with me, telling me her name and asking for mine. I gave her my nickname: "Red." She then replied, "Hmm...Red Rose. That's a good couple name." And walked out. I smiled to myself and silently agreed. Red Rose was a fantastic couple's name.

That name was the name I kept hearing as I had worked there. Maybe about six or so regular customers came in with some degree of that name in theirs. Having to ID people, I'd see it constantly as their first, middle, or last name. Then it just came to me. A variation of that name that could be her name for short. It dawned on me the very same day she arrived.


Meant to be.

Before, during, and after my big purchase, I was aware of a community of doll owners that took to the Internet to show off their companions. A circle group community that talked about every last detail of ownership, maintenance, advice and personal stories before their dolls. A certain few individuals took to Social Media with their doll as its content, using photography, Photoshop, online videos, and smartphone applications to enhance and bring their dolls to life.

This concept seemed like the perfect idea.

By creating photos and detailing them, giving them smiles and facial gestures, you really bring the immersion in along with your doll ownership. The feeling of companionship of having one is really enhanced through their pictures, posts, and comments as you look at their pages over and see them in a new light. By doing so, I found firsthand that the doll community was a lot larger than I thought, making it less taboo that it would seem as I looked over the photos and media posted by other doll owners. I got into the circle, and there was a great belonging in that.

Through them, I'd also learned other means of immersion through other programs and devices. And I even made a few myself using customizable video games where I could make the image of my doll in great detail.

I want to say thank you to for allowing me to share my story and the individuals in the doll community who continue to inspire and indulge me in this hobby. Their input and photos are all a joy to be witnessed and really bring out the great perks that are doll ownership. With them, I get to bring my girl into the world and give me the validation of pride and fulfillment that I got from my past severed relationships, and I'm loving every second of it.

And thanks to you for reading my story. If you decide to seek companionship with a doll, then I invite you to buy one from their lovely selections on this website and take to them to Social Media when they arrive. We and the other members would be extremely delighted to help you and welcome you to our community. It's always a pleasure to be introduced and meet more doll companions and their satisfied customers as our community grows.

Thank you again for allowing me to share my story and Rosaline to your customers.

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