My New Year Resolutions: Time to Get a Sex Doll


2021 New Year Resolutions

This year isn't any different and I've already written my resolutions down. However, my new year's plans are somehow different and a step that I've been holding on for some time now. Why? You might be asking. Well, I'm planning to start the year with a bang by getting a life-size sex doll to move past masturbation by hand completely. Big step? Maybe, but very much unachievable.You have been working for almost a year,it's time for you to relaxed a little bit,spending some money a sex doll sounds fair for your hard work.

Now that I've already given you a glimpse of my life, why not take you through my very short and precise new year's resolutions? I've learned to be realistic and four seems like a good number for me. So, here are my resolutions for the year 2020;

Buying a life-size sex doll

Exercising more

Traveling with my sex doll

Reading more together

Netflix & Chill

Being something that I have contemplated for the longest time, I can't wait to get a life-size sex doll. Over the last few months, I've been researching about the materials, pricing, functionalities, among other facets, and I think I'm ready to own one. I don't have much experience with sex dolls, and I plan to start off slow with a petite blonde and work my way up. I've seen videos on how to use sex dolls too and I have a colleague at work who's been indulging me on the topic.

I want to wake up next to her, rush home after work just to spend time with her, and make love till the sun comes down. Nothing crazy, just normal, easy life. Right? I also have an idea of the fantasy costumes and clothes that she'll be wearing for different occasions. Every day will be a different occasion, marked with a different attire.

blonde lifesize doll

I've planned out a variety of activities to keep us close and enjoying every minute of the relationship. Talk of going out for dates, visiting my closest friends and family, or even hosting them over at the house. Moreover, I'm planning to revamp the backyard and create a perfect hub to relax and take more photos together.

Life is all about memories and making the most out of the situation you're in and I plan on doing just that. I've already identified amazing locations too, in the countryside and I can't wait to take her with me so we can enjoy the experience together.

Exercising More

Probably in everyone's resolution list, everyone wants to start exercising but very few people are willing to remain committed. I'm a victim of this one, but I plan on turning things around this time by enjoying the routine. My motivation is to be fit enough to lift my new sex doll and enjoy numerous positions at ease. Quite some motivation. Right?

I've formulated achievable goals and milestones and broken them down well. The ultimate goal is to lose 30 pounds, which I intend to loose within the first 6 months (five pounds a month). Moreover, I plan on working out at night just before bedtime, so I can enjoy a good night of sleep after a warm shower.

hot skinny sex doll redhead

I can't wait to improve my agility, shed a few pounds, and become in better shape to enjoy my new sex doll better.

Traveling with my Sex Doll

Traveling is a part of my DNA and I can't imagine how amazing it would be doing it with my new sex doll. Well, I've already drafted a wish list of places I'd like to visit this year and I can't wait to hit the road. Nothing beats the uncertainty and gentility of visiting new places, and more so when you have the right company with you.

I also think that traveling opens up your mind and boosts your confidence, something that I'm really looking forward to. If the travel facet goes through, I'll have learned a lot a time like this next year and, most importantly, broadened my horizons and creative thoughts. There's absolutely nothing to lose!

sexy lingerie redhead

Road trips especially are something I enjoyed doing with my ex and I plan on revisiting them with my new girlfriend. Imagine taking a long journey in the countryside? But this time with my sex doll strapped up on the passenger's seat? Amazing. Right? I know numerous route with amazing scenery and stopover points and I can't wait to take my new flame with me.

I also love photography and I can already see myself framing a few glamorous photos on my wall in a few months. I love going places and the beach is always a great place when you have the right company and I look forward to enjoying a late evening breeze with my love. In fact, I have enough sunscreen to a last us a whole month of nothing but sun, sand, and sea!

Reading More Together

Last but not least, reading more closes the chapter. I told you my list would be precise. Didn't I? There's a lot of benefits associated with reading, including mental stimulation, stress reduction, improved focus and concentration, and memory improvement. And to be frank. I'm intrigued by all these benefits, and especially if they have something to do with my new sex doll. I want to continuously learn more about her; how to treat her, how to get the most out of her, and anything else that will improve the relationship.

buy redhead sex doll

I'm a great reader, and this won't be that much of a challenge, but creating more time for it is something I look forward to. I intend to expand my reading catalog and enroll for more book reading clubs this year. It will also be a pleasure to read together with my new sex doll and enjoy some quality, serene moments together. I can only imagine us at the backyard with a nice fire going on, a good book to read, and some warm blanket as we cuddle. I'm dreaming already? I guess not!

Netflix & Chill

Nothing beats a good movie with the love of your life in your arms. Personally, I love watching movies and it will be a pleasure to introduce her to the culture. There's a backyard mini-cinema that I put up early this year, and I can't wait to activate it. Some dim lights, a huge screen, a fireplace, and a cozy couch to lounge. It sounds like a dream to me. Moreover, I want to spend as much quality time with her, and a good movie and a snack are a good combination.

With the extensive movie collection in the house, I can only drool on what's to come. Hey Netflix, I'm coming for you! Binge-watching is about to get a new meaning.

BBW thick white sex doll

And that's it folks! Just a simple guy, talking about his desires and plans for 2020. Getting the sex doll remains a top priority and everything else only comes in to complement it. Exercising will give me the strength and agility to enjoy my new love while travelling more will give me time to explore the world with her. Exploring means understanding her better and making the most out of the experience.

On the other hand, reading will give me insight on life and the new path that I'm taking. Not bad. Right? I can't wait to travel with her, take strolls on the beach, take loads of photos to frame, and watch movies together in the backyard. And yeah! If everything pans out well, I might decide to up the ante with a second sex doll. You know? Once I get more in shape, more enlightened, and confident, why not expand my collection?

It's a new journey for me, and I can't wait to see how it goes.

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