The very first sex dolls were created by Dutch sailors way back in the 17th century. These men were isolated at sea, and they would need some company during those lonely voyages.

Sex dolls back then would sometimes just be a partial body consisting of a head, a torso, pelvis, and of course the tits and vagina. They constructed these dolls according to their needs, of course.

Well, nowadays you can still find love dolls that are only partials and not full body. In fact, you can just find ones that only feature the ass, back, and hair – no legs and arms or even a face.


This section is a short buyer’s guide. Note that we have already provided a shortlist of our highly recommended affordable sex dolls. That way if you have budgetary concerns, the love dolls in our list won’t leave a massive dent in your wallet.


There are basically two types of materials used to construct these love dolls. The first one is called TPE, and the other one is called silicone. The kind of material that is used will affect the overall quality and price of the sex doll that you will buy.


TPE is a mix of polymers - usually includes both rubber and plastic. And of course, it can also contain some silicone. This material is very pliable and soft yet kind of firm (not jelly or slime-like).

Due to its durable nature and overall flexibility, TPE is used to make a lot of different household products. On top of that, it can also be molded into shape rather easily. Compared to silicone, TPE is definitely a lot more affordable.

TIP: if you have budget concerns, go for a TPE doll.

Downsides of TPE

Now, even though TPE is an excellent material to make sex dolls, this material also has its own set of disadvantages. Here are its downsides:

TPE is susceptible to stains.

It is very porous, which makes it a bit more challenging to clean.

Body fluids, lubricants, and other substances tend to stay stuck in hard to reach areas - which means that you should clean your love doll a lot more thoroughly if it is made of TPE.

Not all TPE is created equal - some are better than others (i.e., the quality varies depending on the manufacturer, so research the manufacturer as well)


Silicone is much more expensive compared to TPE; however, if you compare the feel and touch of these love dolls, they can be more lifelike than the ones made of TPE.

Silicone is also more pliable than TPE and sex dolls made from this material tend to be more lifelike. On top of that this material is hypoallergenic – just like TPE. It is also more resistant to stains and easier to sterilize.

Downsides of Silicone

It is A LOT more expensive than TPE – expect to spend hundreds of dollars more on a silicone doll.

The material is thicker, thus making dolls move a bit more rigid – it also makes the love doll heavier.

Some types of silicone can feel a bit sticky.

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