Get Ready Sex Robots Might Be Hitting Your Screen Soon


Can you imagine a world with Sex Dolls as TV Hosts?

The recent development of sex dolls looks to produce sex robots that can maintain a conversation and even work for TV stations as fully fledged presenters. Currently, there are a number of sex robots that have been developed with such capabilities.

You can now buy Silicone Dolls with Sounds and Heating Systems!!

Take our realistic sex dolls for example.

It has intelligent voice function.The company developed intelligent sound in English, Chinese and Japanese . Among them, Japanese intelligent voice was developed by the company, and Japanese voice actors acted as the dubbing. Intelligent interaction, automatic sleep, intelligent charging, voice and button operation, volume adjustment, chest detection voice, lower body detection voice, vibration, percussion breathing and other functions. There are 16 kinds of questions and a maximum of 50 conversations. The interactive intelligent voice function makes your love doll not only a love doll, but a living lover!

The heating time is different according to the season, indoor environment and the height and shape of the love doll, so it cannot be generalized. Generally, it takes 20-30 minutes for small love dolls of less than 140cm and 30-40 minutes for large love dolls of more than 140cm. Tall, obese love dolls may take longer. This type of love doll is not recommended to buy a heating function. Long time heating will melt the material and cause damage to Love Doll.

Buy Affordable Silicone Dolls can stand

Want your love doll to stand up? Want to have sex standing up? The self-care function of our love doll makes customers satisfied! Love dolls with standing features are convenient for photography and sex.

The love doll has three nails on the soles of its feet to support it. These three nails are detachable. Do not bathe because of the possibility of mixing water through the metal edges of the feet. You also need to be careful when you take a shower. (By default, sex dolls stand.)

Real or Doll? The Most Realistic Sex Dolls

MSEX has its own factory and can offer premium, exclusive customization. After unremitting efforts to develop, now has provided an exclusive face customization service. MSEX can create the ideal girlfriend as long as you tells us what kind of the face you want! Whether it's an anime character, or a human being in the real world; Whether it be a man's face, or a woman's; Whether it is a well-known star, or the girl beside your home; We can copy anyone’s face only if you want ! The more detailed the photo, the more realistic the production.

Some of Our Models Have Extreme Details

In addition to the above advanced exclusive customization, MSEX also provides a variety of basic customization services. There are both free and paid options, with a total of 18 options. Custom options are free to choose ~ free of charge, you can create a love doll and other people's love doll is not the same!

Free options: Height and bust shape, wig, eye color, skin tone, areola color, areola size (diameter), back of hand and instep color, pubic hair, vagina type, pubic color

Paid options: self-supporting function, chest type, bone, vascular channels, intelligent voice function, heating function, detachable limbs, weight loss.

Know more about MSEX's basic customization options!

Imagine turning on your favorite channel and having the NEWS read by a realistic AI sex robot? Does it make a difference? The NEWS remain as NEWS!

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