Best realistic silicone torso sex love doll


Watching the controversial film at leisure, the title "Sex Doll love" may strike most people as absurd and boring. Halfway through the film, however, you realize that while the title may sound morbid, the film's essence is completely different from what it was supposed to be.

In the film, Lars does not get together with the doll for sex. If it is purely for sex, he will never take him to see the scenery, go to the park, tell him stories and put her to sleep. All he does is to treat him as his partner and his family.

The inflatable doll in the film is actually a physical doll, and when it comes to physical dolls, almost everyone will associate him with sex and pornography.

But are all buyers really like this? I think, there will be a lot of protagonists like the movie, more for the company, is to have a can let oneself to love, care and give.

A person with a social phobia can get a relationship without the fear of betrayal from the doll, both get company and can give their love.

The whole film can be summed up by the word "love".

Lars's love for the doll, the protagonist's brother's affection for his brother, and even the residents' warmth for the protagonist, are all full of affection.

However, no matter what kind of emotion is carried, expressed and expressed, it is inseparable from an important prop, that is, the doll Bianca. It was under the influence of "her" that Lars, who had been withdrawn and reserved, opened a dusty window of heart for a long time, and the town residents who had been cynical and sarcastic gradually opened their arms to understand each other.

The whole film with a sensitive name tells a seemingly absurd but very warm story, and the film in addition to warm but can not help but make people think.

Film is magnified and exaggerated, and its foothold is always in people's lives.

People living in the modern world may one day become Lars or townspeople. Maybe, like Lars, you and I will find a doll to confide in. Maybe you and I will get used to treating other people's dolls as if they were real people. There may not be anything special about the doll, but she also inspires us to take a closer look at the world.

The film consciously emphasizes the toy man collected by male colleagues and the fluffy bear cherished by female colleagues, perhaps telling us that most people may have such "dolls". They are the people we crave to talk to when we are lonely, sad and in pain. In the eyes of Lars, who was originally autistic, he confided to his dolls, while in the minds of others, they existed in different forms, whether it was a caring family member, a close friend, a favorite doll or an imaginary network.

The reality of incomprehension and intolerance is always around, and I hope all people will be kind.

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